healthy habits

2020 made us focus on doing things that truly matter in life. We took action towards improving our health, helping others, and finding ways to stay positive. Those habits were great ways to help boost our overall well-being.

Just because the year ended, doesn’t mean these habits should end. Incorporate them into your daily routine and watch how they continue to positively affect your mental and physical health.

Eating healthier

When we don’t eat good, it can cause us to not feel good. We may feel great eating the sugary treat, but once the sugar buzz wears off it usually makes us tired and grouchy. Plus, sugar consumption can suppress our immune system.

Our gut not only houses over 70% of our immune system, the bacteria in it can influence our moods. Taking good care of our gut is something we all need to do.

So how can you show your gut some love? 

You can start by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, and reduce the amount of sugar and processed foods consumed throughout the day.

Practice gratitude

It’s easy to focus on what we don’t have, especially while scrolling through social media. Instead of comparing ourselves to others and wishing we had more, we need to take inventory of the things we already possess. 

We also need to remember that people usually post their “highlight reel”. The Joneses also have struggles, but they don’t post those.

Try making a list of at least 3 things you are grateful for every morning. This can help put your mind in the right perspective and start you off with an attitude of gratitude each day.

Dream bigger

Instead of just wishing you had more, why not decide to go after it? What opportunities do you want to see in your life. Take time to write down your goals and what steps you can take towards achieving them. 

Taking a small action step each day can help you build your skills and increase your confidence. You’ll also feel a sense of satisfaction knowing you’re on your way towards reaching your goal.

Consider making a vision board so you can have a constant visual reminder of all the good things you want to have in your future.

Serve others

There’s something about helping others that not only helps them, but helps us in return. When we focus on others it can stop us from focusing on our own problems.

We saw many acts of kindness last year as people helped their neighbors and the elderly. 

This type of action should be remembered and continued each and every day. There’s always someone that could use assistance or just a kind word.

Make it your daily mission to find at least one person you can help improve their day.

Find joy

It’s easy to get out of balance in life. Days can be uncertain and it’s easy to fill them with worry and stress, but constantly living in that state isn’t good for our mind or body. We need to seek things that bring us joy. 

Find activities that make you happy and matter to you. Try picking up a hobby you loved in your childhood. Build better relationships with friends and family playing board games together. Have a good laugh as you watch a funny movie. Get some exercise and enjoy nature as you take a hike in the woods.

If you have a busy schedule, block out time on your calendar and be sure to keep those appointments with yourself. It’s not just good, it’s essential to take time for mental health.

By incorporating these 5 things, you’ll not only bring more joy to your life, you’ll also bring more joy to others, too. Now that’s a total win-win situation!