“I just find it all so self-indulgent”

I sat there trying to think of how to respond.

The comment had come from the perfectly glossed lips of my best friend, who is also in PR and was struggling to understand what I do as a personal brand consultant. I went on to give examples of powerful personal brands and individuals who had successfully built empires off the back of simply putting themselves out there. She argued that I was only using examples of those who found success and that there were more cases of not so triumphant outcomes.

Here is the thing though, those who did go on to find remarkable success, would never have done so if they had let the fear of failure stand in their way. Secondly, sometimes setbacks lead to even greater outcomes when you open your mind to the lessons they bring.

While my best friend may genuinely feel self-promotion is self-indulgent, she may also be holding onto the perfect excuse out of fear.

So if you are familiar with the idea of personal branding but fear is holding you back from putting yourself out there, here are 5 ideas to help you overcome that little-unwanted voice inside your head-

1. Everyone exists in their own universe

We like to think that others think about us all the time, but the reality is they are too busy thinking about themselves. If you are worried about what ‘everyone’ will think about your personal brand, don’t be; the few minutes they think about it is irrelevant compared to you actually living and loving it.

2. Everyone started at ground zero

There is no such thing as an overnight success and every single person you admire in the spotlight had to work to get there. Everyone starts at ground zero and taking the first steps is often the hardest part.

3. Life is short and regret is a heavy burden to bear

If you do try something and it does not work out as planned, at least you know for sure. If, however, you don’t do it out of fear, the fantasy of what could have been will slowly turn into regret. No one wants to get to the end of their life wondering ‘what if’.

4. You are the youngest and most beautiful you will ever be

As far as we understand today, time only goes in one direction and comparing yourself to your younger self is futile. I suggest you think forward much later in life and try to see yourself through the eyes of your older self. I am sure you will find much more appreciation for everything you are today.

5. You come into this world alone and that is how you will leave

The love and connection we get from our family and friends are priceless and a vital part of living a healthy life. What is even more important, though, is the love and connection you give yourself. You are your most important comrade and you ultimately know what is best for you. Listen to that voice, it is rarely wrong when it comes from a place of self-love and acceptance.