Workplace for Mothers

Working mothers have to face a lot of challenges. Keeping a balance between private and professional life is the biggest of them all. These challenges were difficult to address in the past. Because not only did the mothers not get enough maternity leaves but they could not work from home either. Nowadays remote collaboration (using online remote connectivity platform) is changing the way that working ladies operate. In fact, it is changing the way any working individual operates.

Because the focus of this blog is primarily on working mothers, here are ideas that can help make the workplace better for them.

Paid Maternity Leave

Paid maternity leave is essential for a woman who is expecting. She is going through a lot in the last trimester of the pregnancy. Dealing with stress and exhaustion is not what she should be doing during that period. Therefore, companies should offer a paid leave of at least 12 weeks to the mother-to-be. The ‘paid’ portion will help to ensure that the stress of funds does not bother her. Because the woman should feel relaxed both physically and mentally. Because every emotion that she goes through reflects on the health of the baby. Allowing a paid maternity leave would help ensure that the woman has sufficient time to prepare for the soon to be born baby as well.

Post-Maternal Care Support

After the new mother returns to work, the companies should give them cushion to adjust to the routine. The employers should also pay attention to the fact that she would not be able to deal with extra pressure at that stage. Because the woman has to look after the newborn and spends almost sleepless nights at the time, the bosses should spare the new mothers if they make a mistake. The employers should also not expect them to get into fierce competition with others.

However, employers should also not think that the new mothers are not capable of handling the work as they did before. Bosses should make sure that the new mothers are still part of all the meetings and discussions. Don’t think of them as incompetent individuals just because they gave birth.

Kids a Part of the Workplace

The workplaces should have daycare or nurseries so that women can bring the kids to work. This is obvious that the little one cannot live on his own. He needs attention and care. And the mother finds it hard to look after the baby in that way as well. If the companies do not provide a place where mothers can bring and leave their babies, they will have to leave work. And if they do that, who is going to earn? One earning hand is not sufficient. Especially after you have a kid.

Apart from this, the companies should also allow mothers to take their infants along to a trip or meeting so that the mother’s mind is worry-free. This may sound a bit odd but companies need to take these steps.

Flexible Breastfeeding Policies

Researches have shown that companies are not very supportive of the breastfeeding culture. Strange but true. Respondents of the studies held in the past complained about how their employers were unsupportive of breastfeeding. However, things are changing. The Australian MP breastfed her infant inside the parliament. The Prime Minister of New Zealand took her infant inside the parliament. These women are sending a clear message to the workplaces that women should be allowed to make the children a part of the workplace. While also telling them that breastfeeding is just as normal as an adult having a three-time meal. It’s high time that companies start realizing that too. And draft flexible breastfeeding policies.

Flexible Working Options

It is a common practice these days that individuals operate from home. Many businesses hire remote workforce entirely. All that is managed with ease through remote connectivity platforms like Blizz Collaboration. In the case of new mothers, or those who want to take care of their infant while working, these solutions can be extremely helpful.  Workplaces should make these kinds of solutions an integral part of their operations as well.

If the companies start taking steps to make the working place more comfortable for the mothers, a lot can change. Hope that women do not have to face the struggles of working while taking care of the child for a long time now. Especially when they readily have access to services like Cox Internet speed packages and the like. These make it even more convenient for women to operate from home.