Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the workload piling up around you? Are you struggling to finish the never-ending To-Do Lists? We all have been there.

So here I’m sharing five tips I learned from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. The book drives home the idea that atomic habits (small changes) can bring about an incredible difference in your life.

So what are atomic habits?

Atomic habits are small changes that you can create in your life to transform into the best version of yourself. So here are some points discussed by James Clear in his book.

TIP #1

Bring tiny changes into your life.

People give up on good habits even before giving them a try. Next time, follow the 2-Minute Rule to reinforce new habits.

For example, if you aspire to become a writer, then make it a point to write every day even if it is for a few minutes. Once the habits are made, you won’t face any difficulty in following them. So start small.

TIP #2

Focus on your Habit System than setting Goals.

Winners and losers have the same goals, but the crucial element that differentiates them is consistency. Focus more on practice than planning.

For instance, you can easily lose weight by going for some fad diet or starving yourself. Here you achieved the weight loss (goal), but you will gain it all back in a matter of time. Instead, concentrate on improving your dietary habits (habit system) than obsessing over washboard abs.

TIP #3

Make the good habits easy and bad habits unattractive

Try to create an environment where good habits are easy and bad habits hard. Make good habits attractive. For instance, if you want to turn Walking into a daily habit, then do it while listening to your favorite podcast or playlist. Club good things to your activity to make them interesting.

If you are addicted to Social Media, then keep the phone away for some time to control the urge to check. In this manner, you can make bad habits difficult.

TIP #4

Habit Stacking

Habit Stacking is a productivity technique. It refers to associating a new habit with an already existing habit.

How to incorporate Habit Stacking in your life:-

  • Think of a new habit
  • Identify existing habits
  • Link them together
  • Establish this routine to stick on to new habits.

For example, if you wish to start the habit of flossing, then stack it to the already existing habit of brushing your teeth.

TIP #5:

Keep a Habit tracker

A habit tracker is the best way to track your progress.

How to track?

Take a paper. Write all the things (minimum5) that you want to do on a regular basis and then cross them off at the end of the day. It gives a sense of accomplishment. You can track your progress in some Habit Tracker app or you can jot it down in your bullet journal or in your diary.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of self-help books in the market. The thing I liked about this book is the way in which the author used examples to explain the psychology behind habit formation.

These tips will surely guide you in different areas of your life, be it relationships, career, finances, and fitness. Don’t wait for New Year to kickstart new habits. Start it today.

Waiting to see a Healthier, Happier you…

Image credit: Unsplash