1. Treat others how you want to be treated. This is the golden rule by which to live in action and thought. If you do this and only this, and you can manage to maintain it, you will live a happy life.
  2. Be considerate of how your actions influence others. Lost trust is hard to regain.
  3. If you care about someone, tell them. It’s not enough to feel it in the heart. We have to show our affection or it can begin to fade away.
  4. Be open-minded. If you think you know all about something, it probably means you don’t know enough about it. The most accomplished scientists are the first ones to admit how much they don’t know about a subject and how much more there is to learn. Learning is a life-long process.
  5. The heart is a muscle—use it! As life comes to an end, many people regret not investing enough in their relationships. When you’re with your loved ones, make it count. Give them the attention and affection they deserve. When you’re not with them, let them know you’re thinking about them and try to find new ways to be connected even from afar. Time is short. Let’s make the most out of the time we do have because the quality of life we can experience together is limitless.