To succeed in the digital marketing field, it is a necessity that you possess certain abilities, experience, and expertise of diverse professionals. Digital marketing incorporates traditional marketing, search engine optimization, content writing, social media marketing, web design and much more, so the qualities required are very diverse.

Needless to say, many challenges face digital marketing professionals and it goes without saying that it is not this job requires a special kind of demeanour to succeed. Notably, one of the biggest challenges encountered in this field is the high velocity of digital change as digital marketing keeps taking a different direction every other day.

So what skills should a professional digital marketer possess? Below are 5 essential traits you need to succeed.

1.     Innovative

Undoubtedly, being innovative and creative are skills that make you stand out in any profession and it is no different in digital marketing. Creative thinking enables you to spot opportunities and concepts with ease. It also goes hand in hand with analytical thinking. Like traditional marketing, digital marketing, in a nutshell, is about analyzing situations, data, and opportunities to decide on the best course of action.

Innovation, though a different trait to master, enables you to enhance your creative thinking approach, improve your relationship with clients, and lead a successful digital marketing campaign.

2.     Leadership and Management

Digital marketing is a multifaceted profession that needs special leadership qualities. As a profession, you will work with others in the same field who possess different skills to complement their own. In this field, teams must be able to work in harmony for smooth work operations.

 As such, it is important that you are able to lead your team to ensure that everything stays on track. You should be able to delegate duties, split projects, ensure that the team remains online and centred, all the while maintaining the client informed of your progression.

3.     Adaptability and Flexibility

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field that requires professionals to be on their feet at all times. It is essential that you are able to adapt to new practices, innovations, and stay up-to-date with trends and latest developments.

Notably, the Google algorithm is constantly changing and affects digital marketing in a big way. The algorithm is frequently updated and with every new update, digital marketers and Search engine optimization experts are required to adopt a new approach to their craft.

Being unable to adapt to these changes and trends leaves you lagging behind and ultimately affects your profession and brand as a whole.

4.     Business-savvy

The main aim of digital marketing is to help the business grow in terms of exposure, increase sales and conversions, build new leads and their brand. In the modern world, people entirely rely on the internet for things like making purchasing decisions, researching products, and picking a business to deal with. It is therefore essential that a company has the passion to make this happen.

As such, you must have a deep comprehension of how a business operates in general and have a solid overview of the marketplace and company as a whole. Business-oriented individuals are able to identify opportunities, are great networkers and are able to grow the business. This entails knowing your products, your competition, and business differentiators. With this, making decisions that positively affect your business is more attainable.

5.     Reliable and Dependable

In digital marketing, it is integral that your clients and partners be able to have confidence in you. To gain their confidence, you must be hard working and do what it takes to get the work done. They need to know that you can get a project and it will turn out well. They should be able to know that their money will not be lost when dealing with you. To achieve this, ensure that you stay updated on the latest news and trends to enable you to offer world-class services.


Digital marketing is not rocket science. The only secret to success is acquiring the necessary traits to make it in this competitive field. Accomplished digital marketing professionals all have a tendency to have a deep hunger for learning, are self-driven and do what it takes to accomplish their goals.

The above traits are quite attainable and for you to succeed in this field, you must possess them if you are to succeed. More importantly, consider taking the internationally accredited digital marketing courses offered by MediaOne.