Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride – lots of highs and lows. Now add a Pandemic on top of it all.

“Should I be selling right now?”

“It feels weird to sell during stay at home orders.”

“How do I pivot my business to serve my clients in this odd time?”

It’s important to know that we are all experiencing very similar feelings and thoughts. So I’ve compiled a list of 5 important reminders to revisit as a seasoned or new Entrepreneur during a pandemic.

Be willing to look for new opportunities in order to solve new problems that your ideal client may be facing.

A lot of people have suffered economic setbacks and selling your services may look a little different for a while. What new issues are your ideal clients facing? How can you help them? Ask them!

Authenticity will set you apart.

Avoid utilizing fear to sell your services during this time. Be authentic and empathetic in your messaging. Everyone is going through something a little different and you may not be able to directly relate.

Be a leader rooted in faith, not fear.

Be open to possibilities. Know that now is the best time to invest in yourself and your business. Know that this can be a time for endless opportunities. Check your mindset before you start your day.

Instead of reacting, pause, and reflect.

Feeling stressed? Instead of reacting to that stress, stop, and pause. Start a gratitude journal and reflect. What are you grateful for? What can you control? Turn off the news and delete social media apps if needed.

Make your health and well-being a non negotiable.

What is the difference between a workaholic and a thriving CEO? Not neglecting your health or nutrition. Want to really make an impact and serve your clients to your fullest, most aligned self? Start meal prepping healthy meals on Sunday and plan out your week. Make sure you’re fitting in workouts/daily exercise. Whatever that looks like for you, make sure you’re scheduling it with yourself – because you’re your most important client.