There’s no law that says that you must visit a gym before you can exercise properly. Sometimes your schedule might be so stiff to the extent that you would barely be able to make out time for exercising, talk more of hopping on a ride to the gym.

Thankfully there are tons of activities you could do in the comfort of your home and still get the same result as it is in visiting a gym. Here’s a few of those:

1. Cleaning

Sounds like a chore right? That’s because it is, but that’s not all there is to it.

Some aspects of cleaning such as vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing are physical exercises that could be considered as exercising too.

Cleaning as an exercise would achieve at least two things for you: Firstly is that you get to stay indoors to exercise, avoiding any traffic or obstacle you might have been faced with. Secondly, you get your chores done while giving your body some nice workout boost. That’s killing two birds with one stone.

2. Spin Bikes

If you are a big fan of riding as an exercise, then stationary riding shouldn’t be a far stretch for you. If you are interested in burning off those extra calories then you really should start spinning.

Go look out some of the best spin bikes in the market or check them out on a reliable page online.

Taking a couple of spins as part of your exercising routine could be the key to giving you those strong bones, perfect butt, and strengthened thighs. Plus there’s zero need for a helmet.

3. Climbing Walls

If you are up for it, climbing indoor walls can be a great form of exercising too.

It is a non-conventional exercise best suited for cardio workouts and strengthening of one’s mental ability, like how do your hands respond when you throw your left leg right? Wall climbing would also improve your heartbeat rate and could burn as much as 650 calories in under an hour.

Apart from the satisfaction you get when you reach the top, wall climbing works your arms, muscles, knees, and shoulder.

4. Dance

Exercising is all about moving parts of your body in different ways. Sounds familiar? It sounds just like dancing.

Have you noticed the amount of sweat that your body releases whenever you dance? That’s your body burning some calories. In fact, studies have shown that a 30-minute dance session burns up to 250 calories just as in jogging.

Dancing also makes your heart work better and improve your body balance and coordination.

5. Video Workouts

If you want to keep fit and maintain a healthy mind, you must be ready to walk around every obstacle that comes at you.

There are thousands of workout videos on the internet especially on YouTube, many of which do not require you spending a dime for workout equipment. Take time to go through some of them and pick the ones that suit your needs.


The next time you get worried about how to renew your gym membership or it is winter and you would hate to go out in the cold, you might want to think of setting up your very own home exercise routine.