Is life pushing you to the wall? Is it your business, marriage or work that is giving you a headache? Life is unpredictable because it has both favorable and tough times. You can never be certain of what happens tomorrow.

Bad times are always testing moments in your life, however, that’s not the end. There is always a way out because every situation comes and goes. Here are 5 reasons to give you hope, get on your feet, and face today;

1. Everyone has problems.

The difference is how you face them. Many people you’re admiring are going through a lot but can’t show. Businesses have large debts, married couples have misunderstandings so you are not alone. Instead of worrying yourself, just look for solutions because worry doesn’t solve anything.

Look at this;

In May 2016 CNBC reported that the debt of over 2,000 nonfinancial companies in the United States accumulated to 6.6 trillion dollars in 2015. So if you are sinking in debts, others are too.

Problems are part of your daily life and it’s through endurance that you learn how to handle them. Through this experience, you become strong and ready to face whatever comes your way.

2. The reward for hard work is a success.

No matter how many times you fall, get on your feet and try again. Be persistent and continue with the struggle because, in the end, you will emerge successful.

For example; Henry Ford failed two times yet his automotive company is one of the most successful companies now. Oprah Winfrey was also fired from her first job that she wasn’t fit for television and later, on another station, she emerged the best.

Concentrate on everything you do, give it enough time, check your mistakes and correct them until you achieve your set goals.

3. Your End justifies the beginning.

You might be laughed at, talked about, ignored, and rejected by those you considered helpful, but pay a deaf ear. Because what you will achieve after your hustle will silence them.

Colonel Sanders founder of KFC got rejected 1009 times by restaurant owners when he was starting yet he had high hopes in them. A history that no one thinks about now while enjoying his tasty chicken.

Remember, your future is in your hands and it’s you to decide what to do with it. You can get the most out it if you concentrate on achieving your goals. No matter how your past was, you can make it.

4. You’ve already passed through a lot, why give up now?

It has been a long journey from where you’ve come from till now. Think about how you overcame those days back then where the situation might have been even worse than today. But you managed to survive. What about now?

You’ve made many sacrifices, endured a lot and drafted many plans for your future, why throw them away after the long hustle?

Keep the fire burning in you alive and don’t lose the fight in the last round.

5. Patience pays.

In life, everything is achieved step by step as you move through the chapters of life. And successful people have stories to tell about hardships you have to pass through while you climb up the ladder of success.

Steven Spielberg was denied a vacancy twice to the University of Southern California film school. However, he didn’t give up and went to Cal State University in Long Beach. From there he directed some of the biggest movies in history. And later in 1994, the film school that rejected Steven Spielberg gave him an honorary degree.

Don’t forget success is worth the wait and heals the scars of what you’ve gone through to attain it.

Every new day is a great opportunity to start afresh. What failed in the past are history and practical lessons. You are already a victor according to what you’ve passed through so, don’t give up now.