Instagram is one of the most powerful social media sites with millions of users and thousands of inspirational Instagram influencers using it as a platform for spreading their creativity, ideas, news, worldviews, and inspiration. Among thousands of exciting pages to visit on Instagram, there are many that may inspire you, encourage you to take action, educate you, and just give you that extra kick all of us sometimes need to keep things going. Today, we are going to look at some of the inspirational Instagram accounts that will motivate you to make some positive changes in your life.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Talking about the inspirational Instagram accounts, we could not omit the official profile of the Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio. Apart from being a successful actor, DiCaprio is also a huge environmental advocate who uses his popularity as a movie star to deliver highly important messages about climate change via his inspirational Instagram posts. This man surely knows how to deliver a powerful message through his page as he talks about cheap renewable energy, how to reduce the prices of energy sources, how to reduce our footprint, and how to save countless endangered ecosystems around the world.

Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin is a fitness influencer with an astounding physique, millions of likes, and some inspirational Instagram quotes to boost your motivation up. You just need to review her page to see why she is so famous. Lewin is a professional fitness coach who provides her services to the selected clients, and we do not even want to touch the pricing side of this story. This woman looks amazing, and her physique might be an inspiration to anyone, so you should totally check her profile out to see what’s going on.

Dwayne Johnson

Everybody knows The Rock. This man is a living legend who’s famous for many things, including his acting career, incredible physique, crazy lifestyle, success in business, prolific career in wrestling, and many other things we could talk about for the rest of the day. With 186 million followers, his account requires no promotion, but according to some media reports, the Rock used Instazood to get some more followers. Even if he didn’t use Instazood, you must check and follow his account as it surely is one of the craziest and the most motivational pages out there. Dwayne Johnson is a real man-beast, and his insane lifestyle would totally kill most of us. You just have to follow the man and see how he does things most of us would take weeks to accomplish in a single day.

Rachel Brathen

This girl sure knows what to do with her own body and how to inspire people to pull themselves together and start changing their lives for good. Apart from online yoga classes Rachel gives, you can find some nutrition advice there too. Yoga Girl Instagram growth is stunning with more than 2.1 million followers. Rachel shares her ideas on how to do yoga properly and how to eat healthily, she also shares the pictures of her family and expresses her views on certain controversial topics in her feed. The main focus of her page, though, is the yoga and online classes you can buy on her official website. Rachel promotes the physical and mental health of her followers, so you can follow her as well.

National Geographic

National Geographic is the nature magazine that mostly features educational posts about nature, people living in different parts of the world, traditions of these people, animals, and all the amazing stuff that happens on our beautiful planet. Apart from sharing knowledge @natgeo plays a huge role in the promotion of environmental initiatives and shares the information on how you can make the planet a safe place for future generations. This page is famous for the Instagram posts about life, its diversity, the marvels of the world, and just beautiful pictures of animals.

Wrap up

Here you have our top 5 pages for motivation Instagram can offer. Of course, there are other people out there who can give you that boost of motivation and willpower to do things right. You just need to login and check what’s going on there. With the advent of Instagram, people have started to become Internet personalities and influencers, so you might want to try too. Whatever you do, try to be original and find inspiration in the right places.