RAST Wooden Nightstand

While everyone obsessed with IKEA furniture is going crazy over the LACK tables, the RAST wooden nightstand can be a sturdier and more stylish alternative. Place this right beside your bed to put a lamp, your night skin care, or a book for a night read. You can also use the RAST wooden nightstand to store your toiletries, electronics, chargers, and other necessities you need to start a busy college day.


No matter how “minimalistic” you want your college life to be, those textbooks and papers will definitely pile up at the end of the day. Don’t let your dorm become a pig sty and invest in some storage boxes to put it all away neatly. The IKEA KNAGGLIG boxes can be stacked or tucked and they can fit perfectly on a shelf (particularly the IKEA IVAR cabinet). You can also wax and dye the wooden boxes in your favorite colors to match the aesthetic of your dorm room.

BÄRSO Trellis

Some college dorms may not allow you to hang pictures or decorations on the wall. You can either use sticky, temporary hooks or putty but that would still chip off a bit of paint when you take it off. Opt to hang your decorations, instead, using the IKEA BÄRSO Trellis. The trellis can be used to hand pictures, important documents, and even jewelries. All you need to do is use some leftover laundry clips and clasp your decoration on the BÄRSO Trellis.

KARIT Bedspread

The KARIT bedspread is technically not an IKEA furniture, but the right bedsheets can bring so much life into your boring college dorm room. The extra soft bedsheet comes with 2 cushion covers so your pillows and bed can be matchy-matchy. It’s also available in various colors like gray, beige, and turquoise. The IKEA KARIT bedspread will surely give you the good night’s sleep you need to tackle your busy college schedule.

LUNS Magnetic Chalkboard

Whether you live alone or with a roommate in your college dorm, it’s nice to keep little notes and reminders to read before you walk out the door. The IKEA LUNS Magnetic Chalkboard also doubles as a key hanger, mail storage, and magnetic board. So rather than letting your keys lay around messily on a tray near the door, you can arrange it, plus other important trinkets, on this magnetic chalkboard. And if you write an eye-catching reminder for you or your roommate, you will never forget anything again.

SKUBB Laundry Bag

Going off to college means you have to learn how to live independently and this includes getting the hang of doing laundry by yourself. To make things easier, the IKEA SKUBB Laundry Bag can act as a hamper for you to collect your dirty clothes in. When the hamper is full, no need to transfer them into a portable laundry bag as the SKUBB can also be carried into the laundry room. If one hamper is not enough, two SKUBB laundry bags can be combined to make one, larger hamper.

PS 2017 Corner Chair

Most college dorm rooms will already be equipped with a study chair but it doesn’t hurt to add one more to complete your home away from home. The PS 2017 Corner Chair with Cushion is a perfect reading nook chair. Place it on the corner of your dorm or near a window, throw some comfy blankets and pillows on it and that single chair can be a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of a college student.