Why do some people seem to succeed against all odds? Is there a particular way of thinking about the world that seems to lead some individuals to succeed? The truth is that the path to success isn’t always clear-cut; however, we can derive a few lessons about life from the experiences of successful people. Here are just a few qualities that set successful entrepreneurs apart from the pack.

Using a Growth Mindset

For many of us, a so-called “fixed” mindset comes naturally to the learning process: If something is difficult to learn, we take it personally; our first impulse is to just give up and move on to something else.

Conversely, people with a “growth” mindset tend to view failures as a natural part of the learning process. These individuals often succeed in life because they are willing to endure moments of self-doubt. What have we given up in life by not engaging with this type of thinking?

The Ability To Ask for Help

Due to feelings of pride, it is often true in life that asking for help is a difficult proposition for most people. Many of us are far too proud to admit that we need assistance from others to succeed.

But it also takes humility to admit that we’re not sure of what we need to do next to achieve our goals; to truly get ahead in life, in fact, we ought to sometimes rely on the expertise or experience of others.

Assisting Other People

While we tend to play up the idea of rugged individualism in the world of business, the truth is that successful people often find success by helping out other people. For example, Jeff Bezos would not be a billionaire if he did not help millions of people provide for their personal needs via an online delivery service. To really succeed, cultivate ideas that help other people reach their potential.

Admitting to Mistakes

In life, an inability to admit mistakes is strongly correlated to an inability to learn from mistakes. After all, if we don’t think we made a mistake in the first place, how likely are we to change our behavior? It’s simply inefficient to constantly try the same flawed solution over and over again in order to solve a problem: Admit that a problem-solving method doesn’t work, and you’ll be on your way to developing a problem-solving method that does work.

Learning New Skills

By the time most of us leave high school or college, we’re ready to trade book learning for practical experience. But successful people know that a good entrepreneur is always learning new skills. To this end, make reading widely about different subjects a part of your daily routine. You’ll be surprised at the degree to which lessons from history or science apply to the world of business.