The health of the people is the foundation of their joy and powers. You can achieve a happy, long and healthy life, by adopting habits that take care of your body. Starting your day with the physiology that allows you to mobilize all of your physical and mental abilities ensures your body and mind correlate productively.

Being physically tired, having weak muscles or pain somewhere makes you perceive the world differently, from when you feel rested, alive and energetic. While in a poor physiological state, you prevent your body from working at peak levels. Remember that movements affect the quality of your life.

Following the keys below will help you maintain a clean blood system at all times free from disease-causing toxins. In addition, it is advisable to avoid processed foods as much as possible as some may contain harmful chemical components.

1. Power of Breath

Your bloodstream is the system that transports oxygen and other nutrients to all body cells, and you control it through breathing. Deep breathing and exercise accelerate this process by fifteen times. You should breathe in one count; hold four counts and breathe out two counts at least three times a day. With a healthy bloodstream, you will live a long healthy life.

2. Eating Water-rich Foods

The body composes of eighty -percent water. Therefore your diet should be seventy- percent water. Instead of flooding your system, all you need to do is eat foods that are naturally rich in water like fresh fruits, vegetables, and sprouts.

This habit will provide you with enough water which is life-giving and a cleansing substance. Remember that you should never drink liquids with or immediately following a meal to avoid diluting digestive juices.

3. Effective Food merging

All types of foods require different types of digestive enzymes which are not all in accord. Proteins and carbohydrates combining are not advisable. Undigested foods decompose producing excess acid which thickens your blood, causing it to move more slowly through the system robbing the body of oxygen.

These toxins lead to digestive disorders, gas or other illnesses. You should eat a leafy green salad with any protein, carbohydrate or fat to offset the inhibiting factors of digestion.

4. Controlled Consumption

Overeating causes physiological deterioration including that of the immune system. To be around long enough, eat less and if you must eat in large quantities, ensure you are eating water-rich foods. Eating in small proportions retards the process of aging consistently and extends the lifespan of warm-blooded animals.

5. Protein myth

The body does not use protein for energy. It uses glucose, then starch followed by fats. Excess protein provides the body with nitrogen, ammonia, uric acid, and colon bacteria. All this sticks to everything in the small intestine causing clogging of the bloodstream. This clogging results in fatigue, kidney stones, leukemia, gout, osteoporosis, and bladder stones.

Dairy products are even worse because the protein (casein) in cow’s milk is difficult to digest in both adults and children. It has the right balance of elements for the animal only. If you are concerned about getting enough calcium, eat plenty of green vegetables, sesame butter or nuts. Too much calcium accumulates in the kidneys to form kidney stones.

The Conclusion

When your physiology runs down, your positive energy runs low too. With a higher energy level, your body will be more efficient, and you will feel better and be able to use more of your talent in producing outstanding results in your daily life.

Cravings are a significant obstacle to healthy living. It’s the way you subconsciously represent things to yourself that gives you that desire. One can quickly overcome this by taking control of how you internally picture things. It takes a little discipline to break old habits, but when you do, you never go back to them.