It is difficult to distinguish exactly what it takes to develop in an industry as competitive and saturated as music. Money is not always stable, and it can be difficult to earn it, especially when you start. Luck becomes an important factor in moving from playing when you can to a full-time job and creating a good foundation on which to grow with a lot of effort is worth it. Here are some tips to help you turn your passion into a musical career.

We reached out to the American musician, rapper, and songwriter, Denny Strickland to capture his insights on establishing a successful music career from ground zero. The American singer has been active in the music industry since the past ten years, and has had many chances at securing his momentum, leading to monumental success. He has developed a keen fanbase of active listeners who are inspired by his tunes and lyrical compositions.

Strickland aspires to release a full-length album in near future, and more singles here and there. But, he is not set to not only stick to music but venture in other formats, especially acting. With that being said, let us consider the top advice from Denny Strickland in launching your music career:

  • Successful musicians are confident and adventurous.

It takes a lot of courage and security to get out of stable job security, but serious musicians live every day, developing their art. By removing traditional jobs’ security, musicians strive for the only thing left to them, which is music. This is a great motivation to start and put 200% effort into your music career

  • They work very hard 

Many times, people think that musicians spend the whole day playing. But the reality is that successful professionals are all athletes. They learn marketing, promotion, and look for places to play. In some sense, they are entrepreneurs because They create their product and have to find ways to show it to people. Professional musicians have many roles, especially when they start looking for paid gigs and trying to position their brand in the wide market. It is important to enjoy learning all the aspects needed to create music and thus be prepared for when a great opportunity knocks on the door.

  • They are willing to practice every day

Stagnation is the killer of the music industry. The musician must do the daily rehearsal as important as breathing or drinking water. Having a passion helps but being able to practice every day helps musicians improve and stand out from all those who do the same things.

  • They are good with money and do not mind living modestly.

Being a musician does not ensure you receive a lot of money. Depending on the type of musician you are, your income can be sporadic, causing anxiety and stress if the money is not used wisely and efficiently. Musicians learn to live on a budget and stick with the basics so that their income meets their basic living needs, thus letting their brain preoccupy itself with music. To have a stable income, musicians are very creative in finding ways to make money. Teaching classes and courses is a great way to have a steady income, and while helping other musicians improve, you connect with more people at the same time. Another great idea is to make music and license commercials, television, and movies.

  • A successful musician is patient and does not give up 

Patience and perseverance are key factors you need in the music industry. Being successful in music takes time and a willingness not to throw in the towel. Many people look for their “big break” when they start and lose hope when it doesn’t come. The reality is that many famous musicians who seem like they came out of nowhere began by building the framework of their careers and planning their “big break” for years. Those are successful professionals in the industry and can handle every situation that comes their way.

In short, if you want to follow your passion for music and not take it as a hobby, do it. Go ahead and work hard without giving up. Build an environment free from financial stress and focus on your music and keep trying.