I’ve been there, struggling to keep the lights on and hustling to get enough money to eat that night. Walking over an hour one way to work to make minimum wage just to turn around after a four hour shift just to walk back.

I’ve also plateaued after making six figures in a year. Struggling to continue growth, becoming complacent and feeling worthless. 

These 5 Keys I’m about to share with you helped me not only get out of a horribly situation and being broke, but they also helped me light the fire under me and begin living the life I envision for myself and growing to new heights.

1. Remember Why.

A lot of times during our struggle some of us just simply give up. What I believe is that those of us who give up during any struggle simply didn’t have a strong enough “Why” to begin with. You must remove yourself from the purpose behind the actions you take every day and instead replace it with something much larger than yourself. For me? I wake up and put in work everyday because I have to succeed for my Mother. I have to succeed for My Grandmother. I have to succeed for those thousands of people who look up to me. When I get in a funk and want to give up I remember that I don’t do it for me. I do it for them. 

2. The Light.

I don’t have to say it, but if you’re in this situation and trying to keep pushing through… It’s challenging to remain positive isn’t it? Life’s rough, things aren’t going well, sometimes you’re running out of money, people aren’t supporting you… things just aren’t good. When you remember why you’re doing what you do, and you focus on the light at the end of the tunnel you become an unstoppable force. Don’t forget where you’re headed.

3. It Get’s Worse Before it Get’s Better.

I’d much rather you be prepared for this rather than it tackling you head on. I’m a straight shooter and my friends most certainly look to me when they need an honest, to the point and direct opinion on something. I don’t sugar coat things ever. When life seems tough, like it just can’t get worse… Hand on. It’s about to get ever worse. The good news? Is that it’s about to take a turn for the best too. I’ve been through enough lows that have swung around to be the most incredible highs in life to know that once life hits that rock bottom or tough to stand place… it flips right around and starts becoming spectacular.

4. Sometimes You’re Going to Lose.

It’s a fact in life. Those Losses can’t keep you down. You can always take away an amazing lesson, a new relationship or connection, or new found knowledge from every loss. Don’t get down about it… It’s just the beginning. That loss doesn’t mean you’re not good enough or that you can’t win. It just means you need a new approach. So keep fighting. It will come together.

5. Stay Positive

Don’t look back on life and go “What if I would have just kept trying?” That’s no way to live your life. Stay positive no matter the situation. I know it sucks right now, trust me I’ve been in your shoes. I’m currently in your shoes again. I’m taking these exact 5 keys and implementing them in life right now. It’s one of the most challenging things I’ve had to do… It’s also the most rewarding. Rock a smile on your beautiful face and take action to start living your dreams.