Every week, I reflect on five words that are integral to achieving and sustaining peak performance. These reflections are born out of my reading, research, writing, and coaching. Here’s this week’s list.


Is rarely linear and often deceptive. Sometimes peaks hit when you least expect them. Same goes for valleys. Progress demands both patience *and* a willingness to change — and the wisdom to know which to choose when. Progress runs on action. Progress also requires rest.


Is about doing the hard thing because it’s the right thing. Sometimes this means putting your head down and grinding it out. Other times this means backing off and asking for help. Toughness lives on the inside. People who don’t act tough may be toughest of all.


Is letting things happen instead of making them happen. Not to be confused with passivity, patience is about persistence. Gentle persistence. About partially surrendering to a process and being present as it unfolds. Lasting progress in any endeavor requires patience.


Is about settling into a groove. When one action seamlessly leads to the next. When you’re so engaged in what you’re doing you become a part of it. Rhythm occurs in moments but also over hours, days, even a lifetime. Rhythm is a beautiful byproduct of patience and practice.


Helps situate you amidst chaos — the chaos of a big event or the chaos of daily life. It yields a sense of predictability, control, and comfort to what are, almost always, unpredictable circumstances. Routine fosters consistency. And consistent effort compounds over time.

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