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In a few days, we are passing over to another decade. The Guardian says that there are “reasons to be cheerful” with its international news review of 2019. What about you, and I, as persons?

Perhaps some challenges did happen this year for you and for me. Probably some of us still feel burnoutlack of passionstuck in a career, and want to turn the page. We have a burning desire to succeed in the New Year. But how to best prepare ourselves? Let us listen again to the wonderful speech of Oprah Winfrey. Learn 5 philosophies that should accompany us to true success in 2020.

First key to success: “Knowing who we are in the space and time that we embody”

The bigger question that concerns all of us is: “Who I am really?” For some people, it takes a lifetime to figure it out.

Oprah Winfrey will tell us. The day we genuinely feel and know that we are “God’s child”. The day we are “connected to the source of all that is”. That’s when “everything that is possible will be possible for us”.

Perhaps that day, the goal for you and I will not be any more to succeed. But “to fulfill the highest, truest expression of ourselves as a human being” (Oprah Winfrey). With our surprise, that will be the day we truly succeed.

“Greatness is determined by service”

How to be successful in 2020? One thing to do: Forget the success! Instead, think about “greatness”. That’s what Oprah Winfrey told you. She said: “We are living in a world where everybody wants to be famous. We think being known brings us values”. But true success comes only with the values and services we bring to the world. She cited Martin Luther King. “Not everybody can be famous. But everybody can be great. Because greatness is determined by service”.

“Have a sense of service. Think about how you can serve”. That’s what I remember from her talk. Will you?

“Do the right thing even when nobody knows you are doing the right thing”

The third key to true success is simple, but not easy: Do the right thing!

That’s even more difficult when you decide to do the right thing, “when nobody knows you are doing the right thing”. And most of all, “when people don’t support it” (Oprah Winfrey).

There are so many examples when we are faced with such difficult decisions. Think about when someone did bad things to you. And you are filled with the desire to “revenge, to get back to them, to make sure they pay”. Because it was so unfair. The kindest persons seem to always face the most unfair situations. I am sure you can relate.

But listen to Oprah Winfrey. She says: “Oftentimes when you make the decision to do the right thing, immediately you’re faced with doubts. But you always know it was the right thing. When in the end, there is peace. You’re rewarded by peace and knowing that you did the right thing”.

And that is the key to true success. Because “when you do the right thing, the right thing will return back to you” (Oprah Winfrey). Don’t you think so?

“Surround yourself by people who want your success”

One interesting learning shared by Oprah Winfrey. When you do the right thing, “there is a price that comes with that. People don’t always like you. And they’re not always happy for you”.

Therefore, one of the keys to success is to “surround yourself with people who do mean, and want, and aspire the best for you”.

Do you relate to moments where you have evolved yourself to a point that you are not understood anymore by people around you? You might want to hang in there, trying to justify yourself. But you know it never works. Because, as Oprah Winfrey said, “You’re not offering your gallants to little pipes out there, who can’t hold them anyway”

You’ve evolved. You’ll need to surround yourself with the people who can hang in the same company with you. People who believe in you, and who believe in what you believe. And trust me, you will be able to connect to them if you are authentically yourself. So you promise me to remember this key to success this year?

“Even the storms come and they will, you know this too shall pass”

Probably it does say something to you. Especially among those of you and I who came through (or still facing) challenges in 2019. Burnoutlack of passion, no clue where to start, stuck in a career, or other difficulties.

Recall yourself of this last lesson of true success. A great thing to remember. Any storm shall pass because we know who we are. “When you feel empty, you go inside yourself, and you connect to the source, and you know that all things are possible” (Oprah Winfrey)

In the end, what do we really want in life? Do we really want this success, to have “a blessed life, a gifted life, and a rewarding life that fills you up”? Perhaps not really. Because when we truly succeed, what we want, as Oprah Winfrey said, is “a sweet life”. “You want it to be so sweet, so when even the storms come and they will, you know this too shall pass. The storm is passing over, and you shall not be moved. Because you know who you are” (Oprah Winfrey).

Together with me, listen again to the inspirational talk of Oprah Winfrey. Remind us of 5 helpful philosophies that should accompany you and me to true success this year. The three things to do: 1) Know who we are, 2) Have a great sense of service, and 3) Do the right thing. And two others to remember: “Surround ourselves by people who believe in what we believe”. And “know that any storm shall pass”. Because we are connected to the source of who we truly are. Let you and I prepare ourselves for great success in 2020, starting from today!

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