Brainstorming new marketing strategies and constant working made me take vacations. And during these days, everything that can inspire me and others, is what I have started cherishing more.

It brightens my day to give others an aim to drive for. Maybe, someone can get more from that specific idea and do wonders.

Examples are scattered all around you. Only, someone with a different approach then yours, will catch your attentions. Well, there are chances that you may not even need any such examples either.

Being an Entrepreneur myself, I tend to see more of such folks, and their success stories. And, during my stay in Memphis, I got to see and meet Rafi Chowdhury. Who is a PR professional and dotcom whiz. What made me pause was Rafi’s choice of living. In simple, it is kind of picky!

However, instead of a Tennessee mansion, downtown studio or any gated community in the suburbs, the founder of internet start-ups, Chowdhury’s Digital and Influencer Spotlight has set-up his home at a location that he say’s fits in his budget and super-busy work schedule. A motel!

(The $700/month room Rafi lived in before moving into the Motel 6)

Now, this thing kind of clicked, and the more I studied it, the more it made sense. What will you do if you are occupied for more than 75 hours a week?

This 25-year-old is with this schedule for the past 5 years. Being young, energetic, and full of a purpose for life – what would you do to get those extra hours working?

Definitely not cleaning, and laundry! Cooking and taking care of a house is obviously a lot of hard work. While you are out on a mission, extra time for upkeep is never possible.

Thus, here are the 5 lessons, a digital nomad can provide to an everyday entrepreneur, and you can try to see if it fits well with your passion. Made sense, and I thought to share it with you all.

Cutting Distractions & Budget

A startup always need extra cash, and attention. Wouldn’t make sense if you are super busy and don’t have time for maintenance. So, staying in a motel, where all such things are provided is a good idea. Though, a motel can never be the substitute of a house. But, still it is one of the best substitute.

You are able to cut-down extra expense, and hire a virtual assistant who will work with you on your projects.

(Rafi donated almost all these clothes away and only kept a few items such as a black t-shirt and jeans)

No 9 To 5!

A digital nomad, who is used to a life-style made for the highway, can’t dedicate extra hours for plucking-out weed from the back lawn.

If, you are employed for 10 hours a day, and are going from business to business, lawn maintenance will be the last thing on your mind.

With living in a motel, you get a staff to take care of everything, and yes in your budget too.

Healthy Lifestyle

If you love sports and do a lot of exercises to stay fit, what would you want to do with busy schedule? Any plans to burn those extra calories, while working?

And in a motel you do get the gym, swimming pool, and basketball court. You can also enjoy the spa, as well as steam room.

All of these facilities will enable you to focus and take time daily to enjoy them on a routine.

The extra work-out is going to keep you healthy and in shape – minus the flabby muscles, and you are always fresh to start a long day.

(Rafi ate low carb tortillas and remained on the ketogenic diet for months to lose belly fat)

Stress-free Conferences!

Everybody has their own version of streamlining things. With new startups, the first impression is the last.

You have meetings with clients, discussions, coffee-times, lunch etc. And, in a motel the meeting and conference rooms are ready to take care of your guests.

Plus, you can schedule meetings during your own convenient schedules, instead of taking care of the refreshments and all such things.

Home Away From Home!

You get all the basics in the motel, like lounge, restroom, bedroom, and a pantry. All the house-hold supplies are also stored nicely. You get whatever you need, under one roof.

No time to think about what to cook? Right – So, you get a menu to order the food you like the most.

You get the relaxation of working at your own pace, and within your comfort zone.

More Opportunities To Grow!

All entrepreneurs look for opportunities to grow their business, and also how to self-organize.

With the digital nomad style you are able to cut your living costs very easily. You also get an upper-hand to understand the human philosophy. You learn to appreciate and care more.

You learn new things with different experiences. Furthermore, you are able to plan and better sync things with how you like. There is no fuss about taxes, bills, household stuff etc.

BUT, Wait!

You do need to know, that no matter how well everything gets organized, but still it’s not your home. You can’t plan on living like this forever.

Your house is somewhere you can go and call it HOME. However, experiencing the digital nomadic life allows you to grasp many things. You start appreciating life and its lemon’s!

Yes, you do get lots of time to focus on work and planning. Just go for a quick gym break, and have breakfast with your virtual partner on the go.

Your Next Dare?

Are you up for the challenge? A new startup is definitely around the corner! Add some purpose and passion to fuel it up!

You have to change, both your personal and professional approach.

You need to see and learn from others around you too. You may not like some ideas, but you do get an Inside to the attitude.

And, that is how you continue to grow with profit!