What inspires you to keep going when you’re in the thick of a challenging time?

I get SO inspired hearing the stories & struggles of the world’s most successful people. Whether I’m listening to a podcast interview, reading an autobiography or watching a TedTalk, I’m most fascinated by the successful person’s messy middle, before they struck gold. Those experiences that nearly broke them, the massive rock bottom moments or the numerous obstacles they faced that ultimately sent them on a path of massive growth and transformation. Those stories encourage me so much when I’m getting out of my comfort zone, navigating unknown territory and working towards the next big thing.  

Over the years, I started to realize some common traits in their stories that included their mindset, daily habits & incredible ability to look within, when all external sources are telling them otherwise.

Here’s five of the best lessons I’ve taken from successful people’s stories:

1. They Keep Believing in Themselves

If others think their idea is crazy, if they’re pitching themselves and continue to hear one “no” after another, if people in their industry say “it can’t be done in a recession, global crisis, etc.” – they continue to trust themselves, look for the hidden opportunities and work towards their bigger vision.

2. They’re Not Afraid of Failing

I recently heard Life Coach & Author, Susie Moore on a podcast say something like “success and failure are the same road, success is just further along” and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Successful people don’t expect to be an overnight success, they understand great things take time and they’re open to the lessons and opportunities along the way.

3. They’re Seriously Resourceful

They’re creative about problem solving and willing to try a different route than the status quo. In Alex Banayan’s Book The Third Door – he shares out-of-the-box approaches that led him to interviewing the world’s most successful people like Lady Gaga, Bill Gates & Warren Buffet. He started with zero connections and almost gave up many times but his incredible ability to be resilient and resourceful kept him going and led to HUGE success.

4. They Take Courageous Action

They’re BIG action takers who are willing to bravely put one foot in front of the other in order to move the needle forward. Instead of dwelling on the negative potential outcomes – they focus their energy on what COULD happen AND they’re not afraid to follow up when they don’t hear back. Courage is truly what sets them a part; it’s their BEST asset.

5. They Prioritize their Emotional Well-Being

They’re so intentional about what they consume & what they don’t consume in order to manage their emotions and be in an elevated good head space. Tony Robbin’s refers to this as your “Peak State” – this is an absolute game-changer for your progress and overall happiness.

BONUS Lesson – They Enjoy the Journey

They appreciate what they have, they celebrate the little wins and they experience joy while working towards more success!

No matter how challenging things may feel right now, I hope you found these lessons supportive and helpful. Seek out successful people who were once in a similar position to you and let that serve as a loving reminder to keep going!