One of the wonderful gifts of aging is the opportunity for self-knowledge and awareness. The spiritual and cultural insight of getting to live as a grown-up long enough is that we begin to trust our own counsel. We believe that who we are is good enough and begin to enjoy ourself despite society’s pressure to deprive of us a graceful adulthood.

So here are a few of my best pieces of advice:

  1. Own who you are

Show up and let your authentic self shine. Discover just how amazing it is to like yourself for exactly who you are. Follow your heart and trust your gut, it will not lead you astray. What you will find is that you will attract exactly the people and experiences that matches your own vibrational frequency. Finding the way to love and accept yourself is one of the cornerstones of a meaningful life. It allows you to relax and enjoy the present without worrying much about what other people think of you.

2. Pay attention to the things you’re attracted to each day

This may be listening to your favorite music, reading particular types of books, spending time in certain activities or specific environments or the people you choose to befriend. Pay attention to what catches your eye, what you gravitate to naturally and what lights up your soul. Listen to it. What makes you feel good? What do you wish you were doing more of each day? Start planning on doing more of that and turn your life into a passionate existence. Wake up excited to begin each day.

3. Ask yourself how you can be of service

What can you do that brings more joy not only to yourself but makes others feel appreciated and loved? We are all here together on this earth so we should help each other. This does not have to be some grand gesture. It can be a small daily practice or a big giant project based on your heart’s desire.

The great thing about giving is that the doer gets as much benefit as the recipient.

4. Move your body

Choose an exercise practice, anything you like enough to do regularly and don’t stop. For me it is yoga. 7 AM is yoga time for me- rain or shine. It has greatly enhanced my well-being both mentally and physically.

Daily fitness is essential to body and brain health. Having a body that can provide maximal oxygen to your brain is essential. Your brain needs an optional amount of oxygen to function well. Just breathing air doesn’t maximize the quality and quantity of air your brain needs to function at its best.

So pick an exercise you like and can stick with and start doing it several times per week if not daily. Even a short brisk walk around the block will do.

5. Be intentional and strategic

If you are ready to point your life in a desired direction, then you can make tangible progress every single day by being intentional and strategic. Once you start, you’ll be living far more powerfully and focused than you ever imagined possible. You can radically transform your whole life.

Get clear about what you want so you can make significant strides daily, moving yourself toward powerful progress.

Set yourself up for success by having an evening routine, an optimal morning routine and creating daily habits that continually expand your perspective. This can include meditation, creative visualization, journaling, positive affirmations, finding a mentor, coach or teacher.

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Summing Up

How you spend each day matters.

If you optimize for brain health, self acceptance and daily awareness, you can live a masterful life.

Enjoy every day. Don’t waste it. Build upon it. It’s yours for the taking.

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  • Dr Sharon Ufberg

    Dr. Sharon Ufberg is a freelance writer, entrepreneurial coach, founder of Borrowed Wisdom and hosts Force of Nature on NPR’s 51% radio.

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