life lessons to gift your kids

The other day, I was reflecting on what I wanted to pass down to my children.

I grew sad thinking about how our culture focuses so much on material goods, when in truth, it’s the moments that matter most.

Later, my kids won’t remember what I got them for their birthday. But they’ll remember the way I read to them, told them I loved them, and cuddled when they were scared.

At the end of their childhood, here are the gifts I hope I’ve given them. The ones that truly serve them.

1. A Hunger to Learn

I hope my children remember how much I read, read to them, and encouraged their interests through learning. It took well into adulthood for me to realize that a love of learning is one of the strongest indicators of success in the real world. If I can give them this gift as kids, they’ll be far ahead of the game.

2. Love & Memories

If I achieve nothing else in parenthood, it would be enough for my kids to know that I love them. And to give them beautiful memories they can take with them wherever they go.

3. Healthy Habits

Encouraging my family to take walks, participate in movement, and eat their vegetables is a gift you give your kids for life. Saving them from disease and self-esteem issues later is no small achievement in today’s industrialized food world. (These outdoor gift ideas for kids help me a lot!)

4. Kindness & Empathy

Things like caring for a neighbor, helping an employee in need, or holding the door open are something kids see modeled for them. If they turn into kind people, they’ll be happier and more successful too.

5. Grit

Finally, sometimes I fear that kids today lack the resiliency of generations past. If I can give them the gift of determination and teach them to take on challenges, they’ll turn into adults who never stop growing. And bounce back when times are hard.

In Conclusion

Sure, I’ll be getting my kids gifts this year for birthdays and Christmas. But dang, I hope these five gifts come first. The rest can wait.

What are the gifts you hope to pass down to your kids or grandkids? Leave a comment and let me know 🙂