Productivity is such an attractive term; it’s a hot topic. Yet, somehow, not many people reach their desired levels of productivity. Anywhere they turn, it seems there’s something out there that distracts them and eats into their time. 

However, thanks to innovative developers, these distractions can be battled and defeated to help achieve a more productive work and lifestyle. 

GoGo Wash

Perhaps an unusual choice compared to the previously mentioned apps on this list but GoGo Wash qualifies too as a productivity app. Considering that it takes about an hour to wash a car, getting someone else to do it for you is more efficient. Even more efficient is when that person comes to you. 

Amidst 16,000 other car wash establishments in the US alone, GoGo Wash sets itself apart as an on-demand car wash service. GoGo Wash affords car owners convenience and time-saving with getting their cars clean for the road. 

With the app, you can schedule an appointment and get a washer to come to you at any location. While you go about your daily activities, this is a service you must try. All you need to do is sign up and schedule an appointment, then you can leave your washing needs (whatever they are) to professional and trained personnel. 

Android. iOS


In this digital age, devices rank among the greatest thieves of our time. The average person spends hours on the phone and PC each day. Of course, these are necessary tools for our daily leaving, but attention on them can take a big chunk of our time and lower our productivity. 

It is on the basis of this idea that RescueTime was launched. RescueTime is a productivity tracker that measures your usage of your phone and PC and it has both mobile and desktop apps for this purpose. With it, you can see how much time you are spending on each app and recognize how much of your productivity is being lost. 

The first step to solving a problem is recognizing it, and RescueTime is particularly helpful in that regard. Apart from that, you can also use the app to limit your phone usage and block distracting websites at certain times, when a high level of productivity is needed. 

Android. iOS 


Despite your efforts at trying to minimize distraction and be productive, some distractions can really seem legitimate. What do you do when you come across an interesting and informative article or video online but don’t have time to read? 

Pocket is an app that enables you to save articles, news and videos online to your device, to be read later on any device whether you are online or offline. Pocket is your own personal literal ‘pocket’ of curated content from the web. 

The app which exists on mobile, on the web and as browser add-ons saves you the time of having to read every article or watch every video right away. Sure, they might be informative but curating your list to read all later is a more productive approach. 

Android. iOS. Browser Add-On


IFTTT‘s approach to productivity is automation. In case you were wondering, IFTTT means ‘IF This, Then That’, which summarises what the app does. It enables you to automate many functions and save time as much as possible by triggering actions based on certain pre-set conditions. 

You may use IFTTT to achieve higher productivity by connecting as many apps (more than 630) for a seamless experience. Some of its basic functions include setting custom weather notifications, latest news updates from selected publications, home security alerts, automatic social media posts, setting room temperature, etc.

It also integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for smart home operations. For those who use it, IFTTT is a gem. You would be surprised how much extra time you would have upon using it. 

Android. iOS


Asana is an app aimed at overall workplace efficiency. Its basic features include an integrated calendar, setting to-do lists and reminders. But Asana is more than a glorified calendar app. 

It helps workers manage team projects better by creating projects and assigning tasks to each team member, setting due dates. Teams work more efficiently with it and are able to achieve goals faster. As many already agree with, a physical meeting is not always necessary. 

Asana reduces meetings to the barest minimum by enabling you to track and organize your work and that of other teammates. You can also maintain constant communication with other workers throughout the duration of each product. Asana increases productivity in the workplace. 

Android. iOS

In Conclusion

While apps and tools are very helpful, understand that you are the greatest determiner of your own productivity. These apps and many more I have not mentioned can only be effective if you are determined enough and use them the right way. Personally, I have benefitted from each of them. I hope you will too.