My mother, my role model, my friend, my hero. She taught me what’s important in life and I’m forever grateful for having her in my life.

  1. Friendships need to be nourished

She always said that people are making our life beautiful, we can see the most wonderful places, do the most extraordinary things but if we have no one to share it with, we won’t enjoy it that much. Friendships need to be nourished, friends to be appreciated, so making time for them, to be together is huge. Some of my mother’s friends she met when she was a child and she still keeps those friendship. I’ve always admired her for this. She showed me what friends for life really mean.

  1. Go and explore the world

I remember her saying “things you buy may not last long but places you see will stay with you forever “. She always found money for me to be able to travel. Thanks to her and my dad, I had the opportunity to see amazing places, tasting variety of cuisines, meeting wonderful people, discovering how wonderful this world is. She was so right, nobody can take those experiences from me. Ever.

  1. Do what you love doing

Even though not always she agreed with my choices, she’s never forced me doing it her way. She let me make my own mistakes and learn from them. She let me make my own decisions, even though her heart was saying the other way. She always believed in me and encouraged me to follow my passions and go for my dreams.

  1. Respect education, work and

She’s always told me to respect teachers and focus on my education. She’s paid for all extra courses I wanted to undertake, for my English lessons and now I’m living in English speaking country, having my business in English… She’s always told me to work with 100% commitment and do what I love doing. She’s always told me to respect money and be grateful for everything I already have. Life won’t give us more until we appreciate what we’ve got.

  1. Have more than one child

She lost her parents in her early 20’s and at that time she made a decision to have another baby. She didn’t want me to grow up on my own. So, when I was 6 years old, my sister was born and I’m forever grateful for having her in my life. Our mother taught us to love each other, to respect each other, to always be there for each other.

My mother is the integral part of who I’m today and I can say that she’s done an amazing job. There’s a saying that you can’t choose your family, well, if I could I would still choose her as my mother, without a doubt. 

My dearest Mother – Thank you for Life, Life – Thank you for my Mother.


  • Alex Grzybek

    Confidence & Life Coach, Podcaster

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