Live and let’s live in peace

A simple ‘Please’ will bring much ease

Can you bury your ego, please!

Enough of your malice and ill feelings

Just saying ‘I am sorry’

Doesn’t have to bring you much worry

Again, I will say today, that I’m sorry

If I’d ever brought you pain, made you cry or worry

Pardon me, if I’ve stepped on your toes,

Don’t ever think me among your foes

For with peace I stand, with peace I pose

And the scent of peace is sweeter than rose

‘Excuse me’ will save you from troubles

If you would excuse me, please

I’m sorry to speak to you like this

Pardon me, I only want us to live in peace

I have nothing more to say than to ‘Thank you’

For believing in a peaceful world, too

May the Peace of Allah* be upon you

His mercies, and blessings too


Allah = Arabic word for ‘God’