I learned a great deal from working in my first corporate job. It taught me some vital Leadership lessons which remained with me throughout my life. I started my first job at Payday deals group. And, in this post I’ll share 5 lessons that I learned in my first job.

Today, in this post I’ll share some snippets of my experience with you and hope that you could apply those learning’s in your future venture.

Brand Story

An engaging brand story is the most effective customer acquisition tool and a regretfully underused branding approach. There are thousands of furniture business in the town and without a clear brand story, it would be very difficult for a newbie to stand apart.

So, I sat down to craft the perfect brand story for my business. I’ve been a student and always knew the financial pain that students felt while settling in a new city. We positioned our startup as the On demand furniture solution for students.

We niched down twice. First, we did by saying it is on demand solution and then by categorically making our service available for students

People love great stories. So, you need to tell them stories they can relate to and feel connected. Tactical storytelling is a sure shot way to get the trust for your brand.

Building out Relationship

Research shows that even with the very best items and business practices, you still require strong relationships to prosper in this market. When we started to lookout for vendors for our furniture startup for the 1st time, we were rejected outright. However, we kept on going and were able to foster relationship with suppliers and distributors that stood the test of the time. The success of our business is largely dependent on our suppliers and distributors.

Effective Customer Service

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com said , ” Customer Service is not just any department but it is the Company”. Rightly said so, Customer Service forms the heart any Company. But for any growing Start-up it’s quite expensive. We also wanted to provide our Clients with a touch of Personalization. So, we built our in-house Customer Service team rather than outsourcing it. Though it started eating a considerable amount of our profit margin, it surely helped us in the long Margin.

Minding the digital design

Though we started as a brick and Motor shop but soon we started listing our products in several portals. We got the initial push by listing our jewelry cabinet in ecom page. Slowly, we started to built our E-commerce Platform and we’ve never looked back after that. Today, more than 90% of our orders are coming from online and in the coming we’re planning to ditch our brick and Motar stores and go with fully online model.

Scaling up

There are few potent avenues which you can use for scaling up. For us, it was the brand Ambassador marketing and Advertising. We hired several well known Ambassadors for our Company to give us the initial trust and exposure. Later, we shifted to Advertising to attract traffic and were pretty much successful in that. If you don’t know how these works, I would suggest you to work with any other agency.

Take on Yourself

You need to reflect on your learning and mistakes with time. Because, we all mistakes. And, the one become successful learns from their mistakes and rectify them.

Try to solve a
problem with a customer centric approach and you sure would do well.