Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

By Dr. Sofia Costa, Holistic Doctor of Physical Therapy, Energy Healer, and author of The End of Back Pain: The Secret to Gaining Relief and Staying Active.

I entered this world not breathing. 

An umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and it was my father, now retired pediatrician, who cut the cord to save my life. 

My tiny body experienced high levels of stress, needing to survive and take my first breath. And throughout my life, I experienced moments when it felt like I was struggling to retake my first breath.  Ranging from health issues and burnout to chronic back pain and heartache, I always felt like I was surviving rather than thriving. And it wasn’t until I discovered the power of breathing that I began to gain relief and thrive to live my best life. 

Breathing means there’s energy and flow, but when it’s restricted, the body goes into survival panic mode. 

Stress restricts breathing, creating a cascade of events within your body – digestive issues, brain fog, fatigue, pain, and anything else that blocks you from feeling lighter, more connected, and free. 

You can unlock the power of breathing to heal yourself from deep within.  And that power lies in longer exhalation.  When you breathe out for a longer duration, it shifts the body from stress to ease within seconds.  

Breathing is medicine. When the mind and body feel more at ease, it feels safe to heal and regain energy. 

Throughout the day, focus on longer exhalation while working on your computer, spending time with the kids, taking a shower, driving, pretty much while doing anything.

You can also try one of my favorite 5-minute breathing techniques called Crocodile Breathing. 

Lie on your stomach (on your bed or floor) with your forehead on your hands, Place a pillow on your stomach if needed for low back support.  Inhale through the nose for a count of 4-6 seconds (allow your belly to expand into the pillow/ground), exhale through the mouth for 6-8 seconds.  Breathe out with the intention to release any tension from your body. Allow your body to relax and soften into the ground. Repeat this rhythm for 5 minutes.   

This technique is great to do anytime you feel the need to reset in the morning, during the day, and/or before you go to bed.

I no longer take breathing for granted. I’m grateful I get to feel more at ease and thrive to live my best life because of it. And you can too! 

Time to unlock the power of breathing to heal from deep within.