We spend far too little time communicating with our own bodies. We go to others for advice, we give orders and demands but rarely do we take the space and ask, “What do you know body?”

And we may believe that our body doesn’t know much, or that it’s in opposition to what we want or need. But is that true?

Your body literally has your back. It has all your life. 

Maybe we need to start exploring the knowledge this innate sensorial creature we get to enjoy as embodied beings here on this planet. 

It’s at least worth listening to more internally. 

I spent years forcing my body into unnatural shapes, getting body-dysmorphia from staring in a mirror wondering why my teenage body was bigger than it “should” be according to professional dance standards. 

It took years to undo all the judgements, torments, and shutdowns of my body’s communication. But it’s an exploration I’m proud I made; it was well worth taking.

The easiest way to start, is literally just to talk. Start opening the line of communication again. You may hear nothing at first but that’s not because your body has stopped talking, it’s because you stopped listening.

It’s hard to hear, but necessary to say frankly.

This reopening is up to you, will you take it on no matter how silly you feel or how afraid of the messages you might receive?

Remember, your body has your back. It tries to do everything you desire. 

It’s time to work with your body instead of against it. 

Put your hands on your body right now, feel your hands on your body, and your body on your hands. Take a deep breath in and repeat. 

Feel the connection you have, body and being. 

That’s there for you to enjoy, to be at peace with. 

Let’s take it further, here’s a quick ritual you can explore to your body now to start this process:

Dear body of [your name]

Come forth into the spotlight beautiful caring one.

This moment is for you.

To acknowledge you. To enjoy you. To care for you.

You are often most used to the back.

  • Back of the mind
  • Back of the priorities
  • Back of the list of care

Come forth.

What do you need, desire and require?

What would allow you to relax?

How can I have your back as much as you have mine?

Consider this your long overdue love letter.

One of adoration, of re-commitment, of nurturing.

Oh how I desire to treat thee.

But let thee tell me the ways.

Get quiet. Listen softly.

And let your body whisper quietly.

What does it desire you to know?

Repeat this as often as you need. It doesn’t have to be serious or with lots of ceremony. Your body is with you constantly. The only one who gets to choose what your relationship with your body is like is you. Are you listening to you and your body? Or Someone else?  It’s time to listen and enjoy it.

This ritual was from Rebecca’s new book Rebellious Rituals. If you would like more explorations like this, check out rebeccahulse.com/book