One of the leading causes of stress around money is derived by social comparison that generates internal anxiety, where we feel the need to fulfil social standards around us. It is alarming that for 2019, 52% of people interviewed on The American stress evaluation said having financial issues stress them regularly.

As a money coach, I often see people getting frustrated and ending up having burnouts over some money aspects that are beyond of present moments.

How fast, how easy, or how much they can produce to comply with “success” standards are dragging people to stress their life in huge masses. Therefore, today for me, it is important to share the five truths about money that will make you think twice before putting yourself into a stress situation:

1. It will take time before you see it flowering.

Kind of cliché but it is a fact that generate wealth as most of the life processes take time and dedication to see it succeed.

It takes a lot more than Insta-moments to have the money we wish. However, if you understand it will take time to get there and see the opportunity to live a meaningful life between now and your wealthy life regardless money, you will be beyond on what a bank account can say.

You need to make sure to prepare yourself mentally and physically to receive the money is coming your way. Because even the people who win the lottery in 1 day can lose it the next that if they don’t know how to manage it. What leads me to the next point.

2. It will test your discipline to achieve your goals.

You got to love your relationship with money because it will require your discipline and a long term commitment.

As I said, money doesn’t grow overnight, so it will test over and over again how patient you are and how committed you are to your goals. There will be obstacles on the way, and times that you feel you cannot make it but the power is on you.

You have what it takes to believe in the power you have to be open to receive the wealthiness you are waiting for and as long as you are following your intuition and following your goal, no matter the obstacles you are going to make it.

3. You can be broke even when you earn millions

Wealthy people agree on controlling their expenses as a key point to have the wealth they have. Contrary to what people may think that wealthy people buy luxury and expensive things all the time, they can buy the same pair of jeans or shoes without a problem.

When we have little income, we should learn to differentiate what we really need from what we want, its a good opportunity to push ourselves to be really organised and disciplined with those expenses.

Create spending habits regardless of your income to add real value to your life while keeping a subjective “perfect” number instead in your bank account.

4. There are more things valuable than money:

Money is that object as a society we recognised to exchange good on our daily life and can be represented on a bill, a coin or an electronic number on a screen.

However, the value of the money itself is the value of what you want to give it by buying things really fulfil your life. I haven’t had one client who says they want money per sé, its always a more significant reason behind it.

Find the real reason that makes your life have a meaning. Ask yourself why is that you really want money for, what you want to achieve and start working to make it happen without forgetting that money is a tool but not the end.

5. You can control it

Everyone has the inner power to control their money, simple as that. There is not more in-depth scientific creation or mystery around it. But not everyone is willing to recognise they have this power.

Managing the resources, we have on our life to survive its a natural action we do. But for many mental beliefs, we are afraid to think as such on money matters.

Seek for a coach help or research by your own on how you can develop that healthy relationship and different strategies to take your control back over the money and strat own your power. ‘

I know in though moments its harder to see yourself succeeding, but take the opportunity to prepare yourself for what is coming.

Start finding the real valuable things for your life beyond money, and don’t let any “Success” standard stand beyond your peace and your progress. The power of living a happier life is on you.