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Nowadays many students are unable to study the smarter way. One way or another they get distracted by some kinds of distractions very easily. Moreover, in this internet revolution our attention span has reduced significantly by 70%. If something is not interesting, we easily get distracted or try to move on to something new.

In the same way if the process of our studying is not interesting students easily get distracted and starts to feel bored. Which eventually leads to a very no effective study session.

There are many study habits which you can use to be more focused while studying.

Always use a study table and chair

This is the first and the most important tip for any student out there. Always use a study table and chair while studying because it has many benefits that helps you to be for efficient, focused. When you use a study table you will be able to stay more focused because that study table becomes your own study environment which helps you to be more productive.

Also, if you use a study table you will be more organized with your stuffs. Whatever you need it will be right on your study table. So, it is really important for every student to get the best study table for their study room. Apart from being efficient and focused, using a study table and chair will help you to maintain your body posture always. Students who don’t use a study table and chairs, end up having many back problems in the long run.

Use the 45-min Rule

Studies have shown that the maximum quality attention span of our brain is 45 min. Which says that our brain is able to be more effective towards information grabbing for 45 Min only. After 45 Min we human need a small 15 min break to reset our thoughts and mind.

So, it is really important that you study hard for 45 min constantly without looking here and there and then take a 15 min break. This process will help you to remember whatever you have studied more efficiently.  

Stop Procrastinating

This is one of the big bad habits that many students have. If something is hard you may think of skipping that part for later which is totally wrong. You will then end up pilling up a lot of your work which you wont even realise. And at the end you will have a huge list of work to do. Procrastination never helps to move ahead of your competitors. It will always leave you behind everyone every time.

Follow a proper study routine

Sitting all day long and mugging up everything is never the smarter way to study. If you do such kind of studying you will forget many things that you studied easily. So, it is recommended for you to create a proper study plan which will help you to be more organized with your studies.

Even if you study 5 hours a day from the very beginning of your academic session then I must tell you that you will easily be able to complete all your works like assignment, home works, thesis on time.

Test yourself

This is the most important tip that every student should follow. Every week it is really important that you take 1 hours of your time and test yourself. Give a small test to yourself so that you can understand where is your weakness and where is your strength.

A small test will not only help you to figure out what to improve but also it will help you remember all the correct answers that you have written for a very longer time. A test will help you to memorize whatever you have studied this far for a very longer time. And moreover it is always said that you should make your mistakes while practicing instead of final exam.