Being the only planet where human beings and living organisms are able to actually exist, Mother Earth is certainly one of the most vibrant planets in the entire solar system. However, there are several human beings who seem to be eager to ruin the beauty of life on their own planet by putting an end to entire species. It is a statistically proven fact that hundreds of species are already extinct, while a thousand more are right at the brink of becoming extinct.

Despite the twisted beliefs of poachers and similar-minded people who seem to be under the impression that they are free to take whatever they please, the Earth belongs to the animals as much as it belongs to human beings. However, in a world where human slavery is still prevalent in several parts of the world – regardless of whether it occurs under the curtains or in broad daylight – it is certainly a mission and a half to advocate against illegal poaching.

Nonetheless, despite the high number of species that are either already extinct or are at the brink of it, there are hundreds of human beings who are actively aiming to put an end to poaching and similar illegal activities. As a matter of fact, several schools and universities have also made it a point to raise awareness of such illegal activity in order to prevent wildlife endangerment. It goes without saying that the best way to really bring about a difference in society is by making the youth aware of it.

Thus, it is important that you not only educate yourself on the matter but also educate your children, siblings or young kids that could help make a difference in the future. Here are some movies and documentaries that serve the purpose fully:

The Ivory Game

For centuries, elephants have been poached for their ivory tusks which are then sold for large sums of money. In this beautiful documentary by directors Richard Ladkani and Kief Davidson, an in-depth side is shown to the reality of infrastructure behind it. The documentary sheds a lot of light on the ways through which poachers work and execute their desired target in order to make some cash. Both Ladkani and Davidson have tried to prevent the species from going extinct in real life as well.

Bloodline: Now or Never

Producer, writer and actor Tariku Bogale ensures that his movie Bloodline covers everything that he, himself has witnessed about illegal rhino poaching in his country, Africa. The movie outlines everything that goes into practice when poachers set foot on their journey to kill rhinos and other animals in order to sell their horns and make a living out of it. Bogale also claims that a rhino horn sells for far more than the illegal yet infamous drug, cocaine. Thus, many are constantly in search of illegally killing rhinos, poaching their horns, and selling them to illegal buyers. Tariku Bogale is also the author of Be Unstoppable: No Excuses and Unstoppable: Challenge Accepted.


Director and writer Orlando von Einsiedel has really brought justice to the matter in this brilliant masterpiece. Mountain Gorillas are amongst the large amount of species that are moving towards extinction. The movie Virunga revolves around the reality of the matter, and how a team of fearless individuals put their own lives at risk to secure the safety and protect the last mountain gorillas in Africa.

Humpback Whales

Despite the fact that there are several different types of whales, hunters are constantly bringing each type very close to extinction. Humpback whales were also very close to becoming extinct back in the 1970s, and that is exactly what this documentary covers. Due to the extinction of humpback whales, a lot of countries got together to put a ban on the practice and have now managed to bring back the species to the point where it is thriving once again. Director Greg MacGillivray brilliantly covers the entire aspect in this genius documentary named Humpback Whales.

Last Chance to See

Although the documentary dates back to the ‘80s, it is definitely worth the hour-long watch. Stars Mark Carwadine, Stephen Fry and Batian Craig set foot on a journey in order to trace back the species of animals that either are or are close to becoming extinct. They come across several interesting animals during this time, including komodo dragons. The three certainly hope that they won’t be the last people to see these species – hoping that they would somehow survive the difficult times. Definitely worth the watch!

Furthermore, these are just 5 of the best movies and documentaries out there that outline the subject of wildlife endangerment. Each of the directors and producers are somewhat advocating to put an end to poaching and similar activities around the world. Educating yourself and everyone around you is certainly the first step to ensuring that these beautiful species won’t be coming to an end anytime soon.