I know you want to look younger despite the fact that you are ageing, even though you can’t fabricate your age especially when you’ve got it crested on your credentials.

However, as soon as you get on the 50years threshold, certainly, some inevitable physical signs will begin to prevail.

I remember a female friend around 40, who woke up a morning, strode to the bathroom to brush her dentition, a glance at the mirror, she saw a round black colour beneath her eye, as she narrated, she immediately got devastated with the thought that she is ageing. Is she not really ageing? Nevertheless, she never wanted to have that look.

For all human, ageing is inevitable as long as you are alive, and there is nothing bad looking your age, but the devouring thing is not to look smart and far from being good. Even though you are an octogenarian, or nonagenarian, keeping up a smart look is important.

Oh, you do not want to be addressed as an erstwhile, right.

If you have been wondering and searching for ways to keep yourself good while you begin to age, never want to look that age, I will usher you down the aisle where you get to know how to keep that look.

1. Exercise

Make sure you get sweaty sessions even if you are not old. When you are aged, your physical ability and activities gradually reduce, but you can maintain the tempo with consistent physical activities like exercise.

Ageing is associated with bad postures like not standing upright, but you can actually correct this with exercise.

Exercise helps you to maintain or reverse a large number of things that will make you look younger than your age. If you exercise your body consistently, you are likely to get the following.

· Lesser grey hair.

· Increased rest and sleep.

· Lesser thought that promotes ageing look.

· Adequate and efficient nutrient and fluid flow in the body.

· Strong bone and muscles.

· Loose unnecessary weight that can make you look old.

· Boosts your HGH (Human Growth Hormones)

Frank Frisch, director of kinesiology at Chapman University in Orange, Calif said, as a rule, you cannot change your age, “but exercise can improve your health to the point where you look and feel younger than you are.”

2. Get Enough Sleep.

Accumulated stress and fatigue are actually bad for the body and can damage load of things among which is the skin. Stress makes you look older and damage your skin by enhancing the release of cortisol hormones in the body.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends a minimum of 7-9 hours’ sleep for persons within 26-64 years and 7-8 hours’ sleep for people above the age of 64.

Adequate sleep also helps you eradicate puffy eyes.

3. Dress Smart With Nice Hair Cut

Nice dress makes you look smart and younger. Get clothes that fit you very well. Nice and fitted clothes flatter and keep your look younger, a big and outdated cloth can add up to your ageing look.

Nevertheless, you are not to wear clothes that are for teenagers when you are about 50 and above, that can even make you look awkward. Gets clothes that are right for you at the right time.

Also, see your hair as a national treasure, make sure you take good care of it, have a nice haircut at the appropriate time. Excellent haircuts inspiration is a good way to means of making you look younger.

4. Smile Out Your Frown With Excellent Teeth.

Smile keeps you look younger while frowning is a catalyst to age look. If you desire to retard your ageing look, put more smile on your face.

Make sure you take good care of your teeth, a white and shining tooth makes you want to smile all time. 89% of persons, according to a study, think bad teeth makes you put on an aged look.

Bad teeth or mouth odour can also reduce your confidence level.

Brush twice a day, with mouthwash to eradicate mouth odour, and make sure you visit a dentist once in every 6 months to keep your teeth in good condition.