Negative Effects

We know what you might be thinking right now: it’s social media, how does simply scrolling a page have any effects on us – negative effects, that is? For us, it is just a good way to kill some time – to keep ourselves busy. As a result, we do not really think very much about it. At least, we do not think of it in the way that we actually should.

Whether we want to admit it or not, social media has some fairly bad effects on us – and can affect both our health and our personality. There is nothing bad with logging onto your yahoo accounts every now and again – particularly if you buy them to get your business out there. However, there are some points where an Instagram account, for example, will only become something negative and frustrating. Here are those effects:

  1. It Is Addictive

How many times have you opened up Facebook today? The average person nowadays does it through force of habit. You have a moment where you can kill some time between tasks – and before you know it, you wasted 15 minutes scrolling and now you power through.

But hey, at least you saw some good posts. Still, the next time you have a free moment like this, the situation will repeat itself.

  • It Gives a False Sense of Connection

Since social media was introduced, we are building fewer and fewer real-life relationships. Sure, you have thousands of friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram – but how many of those people did you actually talk to?

How many of them can you say are your actual friends – and not just some people that you happen to have in your list of friends? We figure it’s less than 10% of them.

  • It Makes You Feel Self-Conscious

Think about Instagram or Facebook, where people are constantly posting pictures of themselves, their travels, and their achievements. Then there is you, sitting back there, in a sweater, feeling tired and (as you think) ugly, just looking at the picture and feeling like you have filed in every corner of your life.

However, even Instagram models have had their rainy days – and not everything is always the way it looks. That being said, it will still make you feel bad looking at the pictures.

  • It Makes You Spend Money

Indeed, you may now be sitting there, wondering how scrolling can get you to spend money. However, think about the many ads you see on social media. You may be able to resist that temptation – but not everyone has that kind of willpower.

Before you know it, social media will learn your tastes completely and will show you some of their best products regularly. Obviously, you will not be able to help yourself – and you may end up blowing your entire bank account on some trivialities that you did not necessarily need.

  • It Offers Little Privacy

When you engage in an actual face-to-face conversation with someone, there are some things you may decide against bringing into a conversation. However, with social media, your private life may become much more public than it has ever been. Mixed with the addiction, eventually, there will be nothing left for the world to find out.

Plus, you are prompted to give your information right away: your hometown, your phone number, or your bulk yahoo accounts (whether you buy them or not). Everything is there for the world to see – and they will have access to that information before you even decide whether you trust them or not.

Final Thoughts

Social media can indeed be a convenient way to connect with people and gain access to information – but at the same time, it has its drawbacks on individuals. For this reason, you might want to learn all about your time on social media so that it does not affect you too much.