baby expenses

When you decided to have a baby, you probably considered a few things that would change in your life, like no longer sleeping, the new responsibility of keeping a small human being alive, and if you’re physically, mentally and financially ready for a baby.

When it comes to babies, we all know they can be expensive. Despite being little, they need a lot of stuff. But, especially with your first baby, you may be surprised when it comes to expenses. So to help you feel a little more prepared, here are 5 surprising expenses that occur when you have a baby:

  • Diapers

You may be thinking ‘I already know this’ but do you know how long your baby is in diapers for?! Do you know that you get less diapers in a box the bigger they get?! That not all brands are created equal?!

With your first baby you’ll hope for cute clothes and blankets. With your second baby you’ll only hope for diapers. Start saving now to avoid sticker shock for the next few years.

  • Miscellaneous Medical

I’m not talking about the bills that come after delivery (we all know those can be scary looking). I’m here to prepare you for the medical expenses that randomly pop up. The multiple doctor visits for ear infections, the costly prescriptions for eye drops, the medicated butt cream. And that’s if your baby is “healthy.” Add in a NICU experience or surgery and you might be over your head. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

*To feel even more confident, try going on a budget before baby comes. Grab this free 70 20 20 budget printable or the free 60 20 20 budget template >>

  • Feeding

Whether breastfeeding or formula, feeding your baby will add up. Breastfeeding is not free–you’ll need new bras, shirts, creams, nursing pads and more. Not to mention a breast pump, accessories and bottles if you’re incorporating a bottle feed. Formula pricing can be a huge chunk of your monthly expenses, especially if you have to buy multiple kinds to find the one that works best. Even baby jar food and pouches have increased in costs. So whatever way you decide is best for your baby, know that it comes with a cost.

  • Laundry Detergent

Start buying in bulk now. The amount of detergent you’ll need in the first year will seem unimaginable, but when the baby blows out or vomits on anything and everything you’ll understand why you constantly have the washing machine running. And don’t forget the spot stain remover. And the multiple kinds because everyone is sensitive to different things. It’s a lot.

  • Utility Bills

Remember that washing machine always running? Your water bill will look different. So will electricity when all of a sudden you have to keep the house at a certain temperature for baby’s comfort. Your house may be occupied 24-7 instead of only the evenings if you’re on maternity leave which leaves the lights and tv on longer. Those bills will increase.

These 5 surprising baby expenses are not to scare you but help prepare you financially for this big, exciting, fun life change!