About ten years ago I took some supplements that changed my life. I was in optimum health and peak performance during this phase; happy and centered with an ability to handle any kind of stress that came my way with grace and ease. My meditations were off the charts — I was able to traverse the universe in the most elegant, exciting way possible. With full access to all of my gifts and abilities, I was unstoppable.

In light of the recent challenges in my life, I had to think back to when I was doing my best and remembered this phase. I decided to do something about it and came full circle reintroducing these missing elements for my brain and body.

It’s such a relief to feel amazing again — these are extraordinary “cultural essences” that most people don’t have access to.

So here’s another listicle for you. I know, you’ve read a lot of them. But there is some new information here, in fact, some of it is so revolutionary it will blow your mind.

Forget about what I’ve said before regarding certain fats and foods. I was caught up in the popular diet and now with a little more enlightened education, I stand corrected. It takes experimentation in diet and ways of living and after years of trying everything that doesn’t work, I came up with this.

1. Microbiotic Vitamins are a whole new class of vitamins. There are the common vitamins we all know about that you can get in conventional foods or dietary supplements at the store. And then there are these special vitamins that can only be produced within the body.

About thirty years ago, a brilliant scientist discovered this concept of a new type of vitamin that is made by the action of the healthy bacteria of the microbiome within the body. (The kingdom of God is within in more ways than one).

Without these essential vitamins, humans are prone to chronic illnesses both physical and mental.

These microbiotic vitamins are necessary to prevent the diseases of modern civilization, including anxiety, depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, amongst others.

The scientist noticed these “cultural essences” quickly and miraculously reversing modern day diseases and in the process, the people taking the supplements, were happier, had improvements in their personality and experienced a deep spiritual connection that was not possible before. This was an unexpected bonus.

His subjects were in glowing spiritual health, faster, better, stronger in every facet of their lives. This supplement goes beyond health, it enhances all aspects of human performance.

2. Diet — Research and experience has shown that the diet human genetics is best suited for is a high-quality whole-plant based diet. Fruits, vegetable, whole grains, and legumes. Non-fat fermented milk products can also be beneficial.

There’s been a lot of discussion and hype lately about fats and their beneficial properties and the current fad is to consume large amounts of coconut oil and butter to attain ketosis.

Oils are a refined food analogous to sugar. You wouldn’t want to eat only the sugar from the fruit, you would want to eat the whole fruit. The same thing applies to oils, eat the entire high-fat food such as the avocado, olive, nut or coconut. This is what we mean by whole foods.

The healthiest way to go into ketosis is to do intermittent fasting, without the saturated fats. That’s right, just fast until dinner, or as long as you can.

3. Exercise — The best exercise is aerobic running, cycling, swimming, ya know, the kind that makes you lose your breath.

Yoga is a time-proven method of stretching that greatly benefits the body, mind, and spirit. You guys are good at this part, I don’t have to say too much. Do whatever you love to do! An hour a day is best in the morning. Just take it from someone who sat on her ass for at least a year that inertia will kill you.

4. Sex — We are talking about healthy relationships here. There are three categories as I see them, marriage, partnership or friendship. The most important thing is that its loving. Having someone who cares about you — who you can discuss anything with without feeling judged, is crucial.

Someone you can learn from and evolve with. Someone you talk to about how your day went, your dreams and aspirations, whatever — you just want to have a mutually supportive relationship. Not a codependent one. Codependent ones usually have a toxic, addictive quality about them.

Engage in a relationship with someone who you truly like and who you feel safe with. Your safe refuge in a storm. Having sex with healthy people makes you healthier — since you are pretty much swapping juices and taking on their energy — it’s kinda a big deal. It actually affects your gut biome. Choose wisely.

5. Spirituality — Is the reconnection to the God within, to the creative force within, to the unlimited knowledge of the universe. It’s within all of us. Most people don’t know how to tap into it and it can take many years and be inefficient.

The majority of the global population are addicted to caffeine, sugar, alcohol and other drugs. Most people, no matter how hard they try cannot attain a spiritual connection, due to resistance in their brain chemistry. It’s like a barrier in the brain.

Without this spiritual knowledge, we have no true meaning or direction or purpose in life. We can only live a life of self-indulgence and if we are not working for a higher purpose, it is self-purpose. If you’re not listening to your creator, you’re simply not listening to the greater plan or heeding your life’s evolutionary destiny.

The light of creation within all of us determines who we are, how we do things, and what our mission in life is and without this, we can get lost easily.

Do what you can to cultivate that light within for when you are in alignment spiritually all the other things —in the realm of the physical and mental — flow forth from there. And by this, I mean your body, your relationships, your work, your mental well-being, everything.

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