Last fall, I signed up for Pure Barre’s Fall Fit Challenge. The Fall Fit Challenge ran from September 1st to October 30th and consisted of taking 30 classes at Pure Barre in 60 days. Prior to signing up, I was taking 1-2 classes at Pure Barre a week. As I finished writing my name on the sign-up sheet, I thought to myself, “30 classes won’t be so bad, right?”

As I left the studio that morning, I felt invigorated and determined to complete the Fall Fit Challenge. I knew taking 30 classes in 60 days would require a lot of planning, self-encouragement, and motivation from others to hold me accountable.

Here are the 5 things that helped me successfully complete the Fall Fit Challenge:

Commit to a Fitness Program You Enjoy

I am an avid Pure Barre enthusiast and have been for a few years now. Pure Barre lights me up and I look forward to every single class I sign up for. Looking forward to your workouts will help you achieve your goal.

Create a Plan

In order to attend 30 classes in 60 days, I had to create a plan that worked for my schedule. I chose early morning and late evening classes to navigate around my work schedule with ease. I planned my weekend classes earlier on in the week because it helped me hold myself accountable despite the temptation of other fun weekend plans.

No “Snooze” Button Allowed

Early morning workouts are my jam but waking up at 5:00 am can be tough. Committing to 5:30 am classes forced me to get into the habit of jumping out of bed at the sound of my alarm – no “Snooze” button allowed!

Share Your Goal with Others

Speak your goal into existence by allowing others to help keep you accountable! Sharing my desire to complete the Fall Fit Challenge with my closest friends and family members gave them the opportunity to motivate me along the way.

Create a Mantra

It is completely normal to not feel motivated all the time. Create a mantra to help you remember why your fitness goal is important to you for those days you want to skip your workout. The mantra that helped guide me to achieve my goal was, “I do not break promises to myself.”