A common saying goes, “Old is gold”. Now while the best of us are afraid of getting old, we would agree that growing old is better than dying young. Aging is inevitable and numerous anti-aging remedies have been invented to help us evade the creeping old age including wrinkle free creams, Plastic surgeries and they have done a wonderful job but we are yet to see an invention that turns back time.  As I get older, I have learnt to look at it more positively and appreciate the gift of a long life. This article looks at some of the amazing gifts that come with aging.

  1. Life begins at 40

You probably have heard a number of people including and especially big celebrities say, they feel more alive at 40 than ever before. Many others say that life begins at 40 and this is not false when what they mean is that they are happier and freer than  ever before. What is life about if not happiness and freedom anyway. Research has shown that most older people are happier and feel more alive because they don’t feel the need to keep the naysayers impressed. They know that it’s not their duty to impress and they will not go the extra mile if they do not have to. This gives them that edge which the younger people do not have but definitely need.

2. Less depressed

Research has also shown that sadness and depression peaks at 20. Not to say that older people do not have their low moments but as we get older, we experience  very many situations that at a certain point we know that life is not fair and learn to take each day as it comes. Even though aging exponentially means slowly but surely getting closer to facing death, the human mind is designed to take this absurdity with more grace than we can comprehend. So if the mind can get used to something as harsh as death, with age it is easier to deal with disappointment, pain and hurt and believe it or not, that is a good thing.

3. You are sorrounded by loved ones

Old age surely has its perks and one of them is being surrounded by loved ones. When i look back at my teenage days and early twenties, it is filled with lots of “amazing friends” and endless partying. This went on until I got real problems like unemployment, overdue bills and mostly the inability to afford eating or being at all the places we went to before. One by one, my friends diasappeared upto a point when I could count all my friends on one hand. I now have less than 5 friends  and I know for sure that they will show up when I need them to. Like many young people, I felt like my family did not understand me but after all this trouble, they are still here walking this hard journey with me. I have only appreciated this with age and now I am surrounded and loved by the best. I have only come to appreciate that I have an amazing family and few but genuine friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. The fruits of hardwork

After working and toiling, failing and learning, eventually with time, if you live long enough you will eat the fruits of your hardwork. With age comes security of the “money box”. Now it is not a guarantee that age will make it rain in your pockets but if you work hard, smart, tirelessly with the right people then surely old age and retirement are bound to be a walk over. Now remember you are basically surrounded by your loved ones so, what is a better way to spend your glory days than with your loved ones and being able to afford life.

5. you are able to handle challenges better

Life is full of challenges, that is no secret and every living soul has got atleast one to overcome. Research has shown that old people are better at dealing with challenges and handle them more gracefully. Since old age is closely associated with wisdom, older people are more likely to have sound solutions to different situations than their younger counterparts. Take a scenario where a twenty year old is rudely confronted, this is likely to turn into a heated situation. In the same situation, an older person is more likely to move away to avoid unwanted altercation, as it should be.

Bonus point: You don’t die young

Did you know that if you grow old then you don’t die young? Well, now you know.