With a seemingly infinite number of podcasts to choose from, finding one that’s worth your time isn’t as simple as it sounds. So we asked Thrive Global staffers for the podcasts, including specific episodes, that they highly recommend and why you should start listening today. Here are five to add to your playlist.

Podcast: 10% Happier
Episode: #88: Virginia Heffernan
Why It’s Worth a Listen: “It’s an incredibly honest and beautiful conversation between two journalists who are willing to ‘go there.’ ABC News’s Dan Harris and author Virginia Heffernan talk about everything from addiction and meditation to religion. It’s moving and meaningful.”
Recommended by: Callie Schweitzer, Chief Content Officer

Podcast: How I Built This
Episode: Kate Spade: Kate & Andy Spade
Why It’s Worth a Listen: Nearly every episode of How I Built This is filled with insights and inspiration, but there’s something special about the story of Kate and Andy Spade as they re-evaluate their own goals and purpose in life and take the plungeagainst all oddsto create what would one day become a fashion empire.”
Recommended by: Ruslan Tovbulatov, Director of Client Services and Corporate Marketing

Podcast: The New Yorker: Fiction
Episode: Dana Spiotta Reads Joy Williams
Why It’s Worth a Listen: This monthly podcast from The New Yorker is an amazing way to revisit your favorite authors and discover new writers in the process. Each episode, a well-known writer reads a story of their choice—all the episodes are great, but this one is fantastic as Joy Williams is truly the master of short story writing.”
Recommended by: Shelby Lorman, Editorial Fellow

Podcast: Masters of Scale
Episode: Netflix’s Reed Hastings in Culture Shock
Why It’s Worth a Listen: “This podcast reminds me of Thrive’s mission. Reid Hoffman interviews the biggest entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and they talk about the pits and peaks of their jobs. They become relatable humans beings, rather than their Twitter feeds and latest Digiday article. It’s refreshing to hear how many times these leaders failed before they ultimately prevailed and succeeded.”
Recommended by: Kelsey Murray, Senior Editor, Audience Engagement

Podcast: Design Matters
Why It’s Worth a Listen: Debbie Millman, a design world vet and all around super impressive human being, interviews creatives about their crafts, their inspirations, their beginnings, their futures, etc. The range of creatives is what makes this podcast so fantastic. She brings on everyone from illustrators to composers to architects to interior designers and beyond.”
Recommended by: Samantha Winkelman, Head of Media Operations