Spring always brings a sense of renewal and change. It is a time to reflect on all that has passed and to consider what may come. Spring-cleaning does not have to be limited to cleaning around the home. Although cleaning out the closets and drawers may be a good idea!

This spring, I’m reflecting on the significant changes I have experienced. Part of me is blooming like never before. Professionally and personally the past five years has been one of stretching. Stretching my patience, my limits, my abilities and more. Life has taught me that some seasons are full of magnificent experiences, happy times, love, joy, and success. And other seasons are full of transition, challenges, obstacles, and sometimes despair.

As we all go through the seasons of change, consider these 5 ways to give yourself a better outlook, positively impact your health and put a spring in your step.

Take a hike Hiking or going out for a walk provides physical and mental benefits. Spending time exploring nature lowers our cortisol levels and increases our feel good hormones.

Drink more water Start drinking 8 cups of water each day. I started with the eight cups and now find it easier to refill my 24-ounce bottle three times a day, or more. Drinking plenty of water removes toxins from the body, and can actually help control your weight.

Declutter Its time for some spring-cleaning! Oprah.com shared “10 Ways to Unclutter Your Life.” Professional organizers advise, “Everything you own should have value, either because it’s functional or beautiful or you just love it.” Clear out your desk, home and car to invite fresh energy to return. We don’t have to become minimalists to benefit from clearing out our material belongings.

Pay it forward The next time that you are buying your morning coffee or eating at a restaurant you love, consider giving a coffee or meal anonymously to the next person. There is no need for recognition; knowing in your heart that you made someone’s day just a tiny bit brighter is reward enough.

Get a fresh do Getting a new hair cut can give you a fresh start on spring. Sometimes changing something as simple as your hairstyle can give you a positive outlook. A highlight for me is getting the pesky grey out!

The most challenging and rewarding work I continue to focus on this spring is the one area I have complete control over, myself. I will more than likely continue to evolve for the rest of my days. I will more than likely continue to come up with “5 new ways” to positively navigate through life. I have never been the woman who gets to the finish line when it comes to self-development. I enjoy the journey of discovering me, and all that I am capable of.


  • Bonnie Milletto

    Motivational Speaker/Emcee, Author, Youth Advocate, Actor/Model, Voice Over Artist

    Drawing from years of experience as an on-camera host and live event hosting, Bonnie is a dynamic personality and highly sought after resource for speaking, event coordination, acting and voice over artistry. Founder/Creator of the Amazing You Empowerment Conference, Bonnie is the published author of 'Dedicated To The Cup, Nine Ways To Improve A Life!' and the most recent guidebook to action for youth and young adults, 'Been There, From Stuck To Unstoppable.' Bonnie is a top media source on personal empowerment, youth challenges and life success. When this best friend, mom, wife and entrepreneur is not on stage or on air, you will find her in her second home - a nature trail exploring a new adventure.