In modern times, most of you are bound to deal with crazy work schedules and an unhealthy lifestyle. As a result, you become stressed and anxious. 

Dealing with stress is never easy. But for some of you, it’s even more difficult. The more stressful the situation is, the more anxious you become. This makes the situation even worse. 

Your productivity and efficiency both start declining. As a result, you suffer both personally as well as professionally. The good news, however, is that situations like these can be stopped, and you can learn to be more relaxed in stressful situations too. 

So let’s look at 5 ways how to do that.

1. Breathe

Have you ever tried taking deep breaths when you land in a stressful situation? If not, try doing it the next time you face such times. It’s one of the most effective ways to relax your mind, no matter how challenging the circumstance may be.

Just inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. While doing that, make sure that you concentrate on your breath. 

This has two benefits. First, it helps the body to stop releasing the stress hormones and quickly helps you feel calm and stress-free. Concentrating on your breath means changing your focus from what is troubling you to something that’s happening at the moment. This will make you forget your worries, and you’ll instantly feel calmer.

2. Be Practical

Many of you find it difficult to handle stress. And that’s okay. But if you want to overcome this problem, you have to learn how to be practical in your life. Instead of struggling with the stress, try to figure out where the stress is coming from. Now think of ways that can help you get over it.

This will help you come up with ideas to improve the situation. But make sure to get into action without thinking too much. Your stress level will decrease drastically when you see the problem solving, and you’ll start feeling better.

3. Be Assertive

Sometimes your stress level becomes so high that you tend to become too angry, aggressive, defensive, and everything that you’re not supposed to be. But it’s important to remember that most of such thoughts and feelings are self-imposed. 

So it’s possible to reduce these feelings if you want. Just be assertive about your feelings, beliefs, and opinions. This will help you get over your negative thoughts easily, and the stress will start declining too. 

4. Challenge your Thoughts

The next effective way to handle stress is to challenge your thoughts. The best way to do that is to reverse your thoughts. For example, think of the situation that might make things even worse. 

Look at the positive side of the situation you’re facing, even if it’s making you feel intimidated. Be thankful for not having to face anything worse.

Sometimes practicing yoga or meditating regularly can also help you overcome stress and deal with the difficult situation better. 

5. Learn to Say No

Most of the stress comes from your inability to say ‘no’ to tasks that bring stress to your life. This can happen due to the lack of time or skills needed to handle the task efficiently. If that happens, don’t burden yourself by taking them up.

But if it’s unavoidable, try to figure out how to accomplish it even before you get started. You might want to upgrade your skills or might want to free up some space from your schedule to accommodate the new job. This can not only make you more efficient but will also help reduce stress. 

So these are some of the easy ways to handle stress and relax even in stressful situations. We hope you find them useful. Meanwhile, if there’s another tip that helps you stay calm, do share it with us. We would love to hear from you.