There are few things you might not have paid close attention to last year that may have affected the chances of you achieving your desired results.

But then you promised yourself that you must nail it at all cost in the new year, but making a promise isn’t just what it takes.

And you’ll be needing more than courage too, yes! Courage is very essential and a key element in reaching great highs in life but before you start boasting of your dreamed or imagined success.

You need to first put these important things in check so that you can reach your goals on time.

So these are five things you must do, they’ll help you gain more traction and momentum.

1. Set For a ‘Realistic‘ Course.

What this means is that you need to be very specific about what your goals are, stop chasing things that are unrealistic, stop daydreaming and start envisioning instead.

Most times we just wish and daydream and take it that we’re really (making a plan) some things are not just real, so quit chasing after abstract things and wake up to reality, set for a course that’s more reachable.

2. Just Hit The Ignition.

Some dreams, are just good ideas, in fact, worth stealing if known by someone else, but if you really want to succeed, in reality! You need more than dreaming, sketching ideas and making plans. You need to hit on that ignition fast.

Some of the world’s biggest dreams and dreamers are in the grave today, their brilliant idea never happened, it never made the light of the day. So in order to really make it! You just need to find that ignition button and hit it.

3. Be Super Intentional.

So if you have noticed, thought leaders in the niche of personal development and coaching. – one thing we do so practically well is that we preach the intentional lifestyle.

We try to embed this mindset of intentional living in our trainees so that they can be more focused.

The reason for this is that it helps you to never lose interest/focus.

4. Create Bit Size Plans.

One issue facing lots of people today is that they don’t break things down into bit sizes.

If you don’t break the process don’t which would allow you to start small and graduate to the bigger things! The whole process would look and feel very overwhelming and you wouldn’t be able to follow through – you’ll burn out mentally even before you start.

So if you need success just as much as you need to breathe to stay alive? You need to learn to break the process down into bit sizes so that you can allow yourself to breathe in between and so that you can enjoy the process.

5. Capitalize On Your Fears.

You have the right to fear, in fact, I wouldn’t tell you to be fearless because fear is just a natural feeling we get when we are setting the course for a new destination. We become sometimes unsure what the future holds, what the end result would be.

But then, what you should do is to build more confidence on this basis that fear is just a sign that there are 99.99% chances of winning.

And even if you failed, you have gained first hand knowledge that no one else might have, it would help you have better plans for next time.

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