company culture

Effective internal communication is key to growing a successful business. Poor internal communication can badly affect your business, and it’s one of the most common challenges companies face!

Wondering how to improve internal communication in your organization? In this article, we’ll cover 5 amazing ways you need to know to build a better culture at work.

1. Review your company goals (and set some new ones)

One of the qualities of good company culture is that it allows everyone to align their thinking towards the company’s progress.

For this to happen, you must review your goals from time to time and even set new ones as the situation demands. 

This will bring transparency in your organization and help people to work together more efficiently. When you define clear goals, employees get to reflect on their roles more profoundly.

In other words, they would understand the part they have to play, helping achieve the company goals.

2. Appoint a point person

If your employees work in a remote environment, you might not find your HR department very helpful.

Even though the human resource department’s job is to make sure of your employees’ well being, you might not find them very resourceful. 

Therefore you must appoint a point person that is trusted by the people in your organization. This will help your employees reach out to them in need and initiate an open door conversation.

3. Invest in an instant messaging tool

An instant messaging tool can help you build a healthy company culture. When you have an instant messaging tool in place for your organization, your employees feel free to get in touch with each other. 

While emails and calls are a part of communication, an instant messaging tool makes information sharing much more comfortable. It leads to quick resolutions without wasting time in writing long emails.

This is mostly when your employees work in a remote environment and need constant engagement. Instant messaging tools also impart a feeling of staying connected with the business.

4. Let employees share their voice

One of the best things you can do for your employees is to provide them with a platform to share their voice. As a leader, if it’s only you who has been doing all the talking, it’s time you changed the narrative. 

Remember, with a healthy conversation helps build a culture of transparency in the organization. It will make your employees feel valued and believe they have a say in the company.

Letting employees share their voice also helps you understand the problems they are facing in the day-to-day business proceedings. 

5. Create an informative company email newsletter

Regardless of whether you’re a SaaS business or one that sells physical products, you must have been reaching to your customers via email newsletters. The question is, why not do it for your employees? 

Newsletters can help everyone stay on the same with the progress and developments happening in the organization. It imparts a sense of being connected with the business, primarily if your employees work remotely. 

Email newsletters also help build a positive company culture because it is planned, structured, and consistent. This helps employees stay involved and retain the information in a far more effective way than an impromptu chat.

Article was originally published at Springworks Blog