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If you’re trying to make all the big decisions for your business on your own and feeling overwhelmed, partnering with a mentor who’s already tackled the challenges you’re currently facing may be the right next step. 

In unpredictable times, a mentor can also help you pivot your business to thrive. Many business owners are struggling to stay profitable through the COVID-19 crisis. A mentor can help you brainstorm and create products and offerings that will keep your business relevant to your clients and their needs in difficult situations.

Before you sign on the dotted line though, here’s 5 questions to ask your potential mentor to make sure they’re the right fit:

1) Experience 

  • How are they qualified to help me grow my business?  
  • Do they practice what they preach? 
  • How long have they been in biz? 
  • Are they at least 3 – 5 steps ahead of you?

2) Access  

  • How will I learn from them? 
  • How will we interact? 
  • How often will I get to connect with them? 
  • Do I get to ask them questions directly, or are there other coaches that I have to deal with?

3) Results 

  • What case studies or success stories can they share?
  • Can they provide testimonials of other members/clients and how they’ve grown under their leadership?

4) Price 

  • What is the value? 
  • What do I get for the price? 
  • What kind of outcomes or transformation come out of the fee? 

5) Community 

  • Who else is in the network that I can connect with?
  • Is there a sense of belonging in the community? 
  • Is there a tribe to keep me accountable and inspired? 


These questions will help you narrow in on someone who addresses your specific needs, understands your business mission, and vibes with your brand. Investing in a mentor can have an incredible impact on your business. It’s okay to be picky and shop around!

After all, a mentor is a big investment and commitment, and you want to be sure you’re partnering with someone who can help create a path for you to achieve your dreams.