It’s likely safe to say that everyone wants great health and would change almost anything to get it. With so many health concerns these days, we are more conscious about our overall well-being. Sometimes subtle changes can lead to phenomenal results for your physical, mental or emotional state.

We know that buying a gym membership or going to see a specialist might not be the best thing for us to do immediately. Unfortunately many people will go and spend countless dollars at the gym and rarely will use their membership. Seeing a specialist is great when needed but can be a complete waste of money as well.

Being sure that you are feeling fabulous on many levels regardless of the approach will set your well-being on a path of success. Just remember that change is good and a requirement more times than not. I’ve found a few things throughout my life that could lead to a healthier you that doesn’t require a massive overhaul of anything. Only a little persistence and patience will get your desired results and will eventually make you happier as well.

1. Better Eating Habits

We are bombarded with healthy eating so much that at times it may become overbearing. When I was younger healthy eating was disgusting in my mind because I was ignorant about health in general. My eating habits were horrible because of it. Eating better doesn’t take a lot of money but a little knowledge.

I stopped eating junk foods loaded with sugar such as soda and candy along with cold cereals of the same content. Another thing that I implemented was drinking more water. I might be obsessed with water because I freak out when bottle runs out and there is none in my home!

My energy level was up as I started eating more green vegetables and also reduced my red meat intake drastically. No more late night meals from Steak n Shake and other unhealthy fast foods.

I’m not suggesting to overhaul your eating habits all at once but to work on it gradually. Be honest and write down all the foods that you shouldn’t be eating. Have a goal in mind to eliminate one or two of those foods every week, bi weekly or whatever works for you. At the very least, eat those foods in moderation with the goal of never eating them again. You should notice a difference as the weeks or months past and start gradually feeling better.

2. Exercise A Few Times A Week

Exercising can be mentally and physically exhausting especially starting off a workout. It’s hard to get off the couch and immediately starting a routine. But after the psychological warfare is over along with the soreness that comes afterwards, exercising a few times a week can be beneficial to your health.

Limit your workouts to a few times a week for about 5–10 minutes. When you feel the time is right then gradually move on to more movements and extend your sessions. Be sure to check with your physician before starting any program even if it’s a short training session.

3. Getting Adequate Sleep and Rest

I don’t know all of the medical analysis behind getting the proper sleep and rest but it has a profound effect on your health. It’s normal to feel awesome when proper sleep is met. For myself, 7 to 9 hours is plenty and it makes me feel so rested. It might be different from your perspective because obviously everyone doesn’t function the same way.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, sleep helps our brain work properly and improves learning. Proper sleep is directly aligned with our physical health too such as repairing heart and blood vessels just to name a few things. Getting enough sleep will definitely help your overall health.

4. Eliminate Any Negativity

There are many negative forces in life that can affect you mentally if you’re not careful. It can come from many places such as the workplace, relationships, social media, peer pressure, etc. Unwanted stress like this can sometimes take you to a place of no return and compound your life with a bunch of nonsense.

Do whatever it takes to get rid of negativity from your life even if it means to befriend some people. Take a sabbatical from social media or just align with new and improved relationships. Whatever it takes to find a healthy space and to be happy then make the move. Just remove yourself from negativity as fast as you can for the benefit of your well-being.

5. Always Embrace Criticism

It doesn’t take much effort to start embracing criticism especially if you have an understanding that it’s going to happen and you can’t control what others think and say. Usually people will have a preconceived notion of you or the situation whether valid or not. Just accept the criticism because you already know that it’s coming so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

Now I’m sure there are some situations in which acceptance is just not going to happen. I’m not referring to positive or constructive criticisms but more so when it becomes extremely destructive. If someone is threatening to physically hurt you then obviously ignoring that wouldn’t be welcomed. Embracing criticism can definitely be tough to some but it can lead to a healthier you emotionally.

Any Other Changes That Can Impact Health?

I’m sure there are many other things which can impact your health and wellness. Hopefully the aforementioned can help you get healthier with zero or very little expense. Subtle changes can happen right now and it doesn’t take much in terms of effort to get started. It’s up to you whether or not to impact your life or not and make a commitment going forward.

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