We all go through a phase in our life when things don’t go the way we expect them to. Dreams which you desperately wanted to materialize are taking a much longer time than you thought.

My best friend got engaged, but I’m still single. My startup isn’t working well, when will it get back to the normal. ?

Always remember that there are 2 keys to Success: Faith & Patience.

Without these two, your life will be filled with darkness. Even harvest season lasts only for just 2 months out of those 12. When life gives you difficult times, just be patient. Do good things when wrongs happen. Smile and enjoy whatever life throws at you & most importantly… Be happy.

Everyone wants to be a Leader

Nobody in this world wants to be a follower. Becoming a leader is a great thing, but the point is, you want to get fame & respect which leader gets. Even Jesus said, “Follow me.”

When a company is established, not just everyone can become the leader there. The truth is becoming a leader is hard, and that’s the reason why most individual will remain as a team member. So live in contentment where ever you are. Everything happens for a reason.

Instead of regretting that you are not a leader, start being more influential as a team member. Even team member become a leader when the leader is not there.

Stay happy & when your boss shouts at you just stay calm for the sake of your Job let them win. Be happy.

Always in hurry

We are always in hurry no matter what happens. During any interview, we try to give the answer in hurry, and then we wonder why we are not selected. 90% of the things we do in hurry will go down as a mistake.

So, when you are doing any task, never do that in a hurry. When God has given you a dream in your heart, he will finish it for sure. Don’t be in a hurry.

Heavy rainfall happens once in a year. A sensible girl doesn’t fall in love with a guy in a week. Everything takes time.

Don’t let your hurry steal your happiness. If you slow down, there is a happiness which is catching you.


This is the biggest reason why we are not happy in our life.

Positive people think positive things and focus on the possibility of getting things done. A negative person will give the reason why it can’t be done. The first place where we lose the battle is in our thinking. Negativity steals your happiness as you see everything as the worst-case scenario.

Not trusting in God’s timing

We don’t trust in God’s timing at all, as we lack patience. The girl you wanted to marry earlier wasn’t good for you now you have realized that. When we want things early from God, that blessing might turn as a curse for you.  So, trust God’s timing as all great things take time.


In any kind of discussion let the other person win for the sake of peace. Don’t be a crow but fly above them and become an eagle. Don’t lose your happiness and don’t waste your energy on unnecessary things.

Get jealousy out of your heart. Stay humble. Be kind to this unkind world.

Stay happy.