Scheduling massage for relaxation.

Here are 5 reasons to schedule a massage now:

Therapeutic massage has been an ongoing practice for thousands of years and the field keeps growing and expanding to cover numerous modalities.  The countless types of massage offered in the world are amazing and have varying benefits.  When you decide to schedule a massage you may want to think about what type of results you would like to experience. 

  • Relaxation.  We never want to overlook pure relaxation.  It is important for our bodies to give our nervous system a break and time to reset.  There can be benefits to sports massage and other more rigorous modalities, but everyone needs a chance to decrease stimulation.  This is when healing and rejuvenation has a higher chance of taking place, during ultimate relaxation.
  • Gentle detox.  There is controversy over whether massage can actually provide detoxification.  When we use massage for detox, we are detoxing at a very gentle and more superficial level.  I would not go for a massage and expect a full liver detox!  Since the skin produces oil, massaging oil onto the skin is a gentle detoxification process.  It is a transfer of toxins and the massage oil can be wiped off after the session.  A relaxing massage can also help stimulate lymphatic flow, as well.
  • Relief for sore muscles.  Muscles become sore for several reasons.  We may be experiencing a stressful situation which settles into our shoulders or low back.  In which case massage can help relieve stress and promote relaxation in those areas.  Muscles may be sore from overuse, misuse, or poor posture.  A massage therapist trained in specific therapies for these conditions may provide relief.
  • Self-awareness.  Have you ever had a massage and did not even know you were sore until your therapist started working that area?  Getting a massage can help you focus on what your body is doing and how you are feeling.  This is a great way to notice where you need attention and discover what you can do for yourself to feel better.  If you have an area you know is sore, or you know a specific part of your body needs work, you can choose to work with your massage therapist to get the best results for you. 
  • Put your mind at ease.  Massage can help slow the mind down which helps with healing, stress reduction, and relaxation.  It is easy to get caught up in the ego (thoughts and busyness in the mind).  Massage is a great way to help turn down the ego and settle into yourself.  When we have too much going on in our heads, it can be difficult to slow down and enjoy life.   Massage therapy can give you a chance to be in the present moment.

When you are ready to book a massage think about which modality is right for you and choose a practitioner trained and skilled in that area. Get to know a few massage therapists offering different techniques so you will know where to go when you need specific skills and expertise.