One of the most delicious, popular and healthy fruit is an apple. It consists of more than 7000 varieties which come in different colours such as yellow, red and green. The fruit has its own scientific name called Malus Domestica, and its tree belongs to Rosaceae family. It has a sturdy outer surface skin with thick and juicy inner flesh. Its wealth of minerals, nutrients, vitamins and organic compounds contributes to a number of health benefits providing the simplest and best answers to a healthy lifestyle.

Below we look at these health benefits that you can derive from an apple.

#1 Facilitates digestion

The apple has a rich fiber in which it assists greatly in your digestive process. When you consume it on a regular basis, the fiber element facilitates smooth bowel movements in your body. This in addition helps you to avoid constipation including other stomach disorders. An apple also regulates excess cholesterol that is found in your veins and arteries where such cholesterol may pose a great danger to your health.

#2 Improves Intestinal health

Your body is made up of large and small intestines. The large intestines consist of bacteria which facilitates metabolic reactions. When you consume the apple on a regular basis, your metabolic reaction is influenced, hence improving your health through nutrient uptake and elimination of harmful bacteria and toxins.

#3 Facilitates dental care

Regular consumption of an apple can make your gum stronger and reduce chances of getting cavities. A number of studies have shown that the fibre element in the apple can clean your teeth through stimulation of saliva discharge, which reduces the ability of bacteria to multiply and grow in your mouth.

#4 Reduces heart diseases

Heart diseases are brought about by high cholesterol levels in your veins and arteries. Regular consumption of an apple facilitates antioxidant activity that burns excess fats found in your blood vessels. A compound found in the apple called quercetin also lowers the chances of getting heart diseases.

#5 Improves your eye sight

The apple makes your eyes stronger and generally improves your eyesight. Several compounds found in the apple also helps to prevent eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts.

Bottom line

Apples are one of the best healthy fruits. They contain vitamins, fiber and antioxidants which prevents many diseases and further enhances your overall general health. With the old proverb that says ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, regular consumption of apples will give you the greatest health benefits in your lifetime.