Whether you recognise it or not, change is always happening. It can be small things – your favourite foundation no longer being stocked, moving desk at work or your go-to morning coffee shop closing down. Or it can be big – changing jobs, ending a relationship or moving house.

The one thing we know about change is it’s going to happen, change is inevitable. But we don’t know the impact, how we’re going to feel going through it or when we come out the other side. And that’s why it can feel scary. Change means stepping into the unknown, outside of our comfort zone, where things are easy and safe. Why would we want to leave this happy place? Because things might get even better.

Here are 5 reasons why change is important:

1. Change makes life exciting

It can be scary sometimes but change is also what makes life so exciting. Change means you have variety in life, you experience new things, meet new people. If you think about it, life would be pretty predictable and dull if nothing ever changed.

2. You learn and grow

Every change you experience gives you the opportunity to learn and grow (even if it is just learning about an amazing new coffee shop). You learn new things about yourself, others or the world, which can impact how you live your life.

3. Change can bring new opportunities

Change can bring so many new opportunities into our life. It may seem daunting moving into a new place but your new flatmate may introduce you to someone who ends up getting you your dream job. Changes open new doors.

4. We can realise our strength

There is no denying some changes can be tough but getting through these can show us our strength. Have you ever been through a difficult change? Acknowledge how strong you were to get through it and remember if you can get through that then you can get through the new thing life throws at you.

5. A chance to re-evaluate our life

Have you ever made a change and then realised what you were doing before wasn’t as great as you thought it was? That can happen. Change is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your life and make sure you’re doing what you actually want to be doing.

Change can be scary but it’s worth embracing because it can bring some amazing things into your life. And let’s face it, it’s going to happen whether we embrace it or not.

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