Experiencing new things with your other half can really deepen a relationship. Find five reasons below why couples who travel together stay together and have stronger relationships.

1. You have to look after one another.

When you’re travelling long distances together, things can go wrong. One of you might get jet lag, a stomach virus or lose a wallet. These things are bound to happen during a trip away but they are also situations that give you the opportunity to show how much you care for the other person.

2. Experiences will bring you closer together.

When you travel, you will encounter strange, funny and fascinating moments with one another. When you have all these different experiences, it will form a special bond that only you and your other half will know and understand..

3. You will naturally bond more and develop a feeling of mutual trust.

The more situations where you have to trust one another, the stronger your bond and relationship grows. It is natural for human beings to bond when they are put in situations where they have to trust one another and travelling does this all the time. If you are in another country far away from where you live then you need to place a lot of trust in another person.

4. You will have each other’s back.

When you are travelling with someone you love, you won’t ever get the feeling of isolation. Even when you are in the middle of a group of strangers, you will have each other to have fun, talk, laugh and share thoughts about your adventure. Wherever you are, you will have each other to make you feel loved.

5. Travel will give you a glimpse of your partner’s dark side.

You will see the dark side when nothing is actually wrong and this will give you an indication of how they might behave when something really is.

When you travel you are with someone all the time. High stress situations will help you see your partner’s dark side and whether or not you actually like them. When dating, you usually present the best version of yourself. The truth is that every personality is layered. When your partner is thrust out of their comfort zone, you can see how they react when anxious, aggravated and tired.

Amy P

Amy P is a travel writer for the blog TakeMoreTrips.com where she often writes about new exciting destinations, walks, spas and restaurants. She is also a writer for MyDatingAdviser.com. She encourages every couple to travel and explore new places together! You can find her research and online dating statistics here.