When you think of online learning, your mind probably runs wild with exciting thoughts and ideas. For me, it’s all about the freedom of enjoying my classes from my home, and according to my schedule. During my study time, I’ll be outside my house sitting on a hammock with a Lewis Road-Chocolate Milk in hand and my computer on my lap.

I would have preferred a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, but I’m a mum with children running around the house, so if anything I need to be alert. With a couple of different tasks to juggle in a day, I need the flexibility and freedom to study and be present when my kids need me. 

I have done 2 courses from a wide selection of online courses NZ and I can’t tell you enough how much flexibility, freedom and self management online learning has taught me.

 I don’t want you to watch from the sidelines, so today I’ll share with you a few secrets on why you should join the online learning bandwagon.

1.    Great selection of programs

In a traditional school setting, the number of programs available to students depends on the availability of teachers and the school’s budget. When it comes to e-learning, you have access to a massive assortment of brilliant programs you can select. 

Be it Health and Fitness, or Computing, You have the freedom to choose a course based on what you like and not because you’re out of options. 

2.    You don’t have to break the bank

Online learning is affordable. You get a remarkable learning experience without incurring expensive student loans. It is a cost-effective method of accessing excellent training.

With a friendly priced program, you learn from professional teachers with years of academic experience without compromising the quality of your education.

3.    Experience creative learning

Going to school daily with exposure to the same teaching method eventually converts into a boring routine. Once you enroll in an online course, you experience different learning methods structured to help you succeed. 

Apart from the standard course material, you get videos, interactive quizzes, and group forums. The creative aspect of the learning process challenges your mental capability by engaging your curiosity.

4.    Positive teacher-student interaction

I’ve come across a few frustrating tough topics that almost had me pulling my hair out. The good thing is that whenever I face such situations, I always get the attention I need from my teacher.

Such kind of a personal relationship has helped me overcome my fear of failure allowing me to achieve great success in my education. The upside of a healthy teacher-student interaction is that your instructor can gauge your performance and recommend areas of improvement.

5.    Lack of confinement to a specific environment

Learning can occur anywhere. You don’t have to be a member of a brick and mortar school to reach the pinnacle of your academic achievement. Being an e-student allows you to break the barriers of a traditional mindset and have the freedom to study anywhere, and at your own pace.

You can take care of different responsibilities without neglecting your education. If you’re like me, you can comfortably take care of your children and benefit from a customized learning structure that suits your needs.


Whatever the motivation is behind your interest to take an online course, I’m confident you will find an appropriate program. With online learning, you can set a few hours of your day where you study what you love while snacking on your favorite Whittaker’s Chocolate bar.




    Sarah Muwombi is a freelance writer that believes that productivity stems from good looks from inside out. She treats her skin with the sticky waters of aloe vera and washes her hair with rice water and has no doubt that her beauty routines are the reason she writes impact driven articles every day. When she's not writing, Sarah enjoys immersing in nature with her super genius daughter-Emily