Whether you are part of a startup or a well-established business, communication is becoming critical and to know how to use phone calls for your business is important. Using the right tools for your business will bring a major impact to businesses. Phone systems are valuable business communication tools for promoting your business and handling the customers. Phone conversations are considered a little outdated as of now, but it should not be completely ignored. Phone conversation is explicitly being the need for answering various questions and to make successful sale.

In today’s ever changing digital business landscape, customer experience cannot be ignored. Though there are many different ways to contact someone and the use of phone calls ending up because of other options like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook and email and many more, but actually speaking to someone call cannot beat speaking on any other medium. So, business owners and marketers should not ignore taking phone calls for various reasons. Let’s see them one by one.

Your brand image

From shopping website to product based services, users are more interested for brands who has their contact number and are available to take phone calls. Businesses failing to include their phone number will be surely facing a lot of lost in sales. Though email is being much in use but having a phone number will build a different image for your brand. Customers are usually looking for a brand whom they can call at a convenient time or anytime they want to enquire about the things. To expand your reach, you can also leverage the power of a virtual phone number but make it must for building a good brand image.

Who wants to talk to a robot?

The trend of creating automated messages is so in that sometimes it frustrates the customers and clients. For marketing purpose it is quite convenient for businesses but this is not the best taken road always. It is very easy for customers to reach out via social media but nothing can replace phone calls for sure. It increases trust and builds a good customer relationship when it comes to providing top notch services. It is easy and a fast way to provide effective customer service in urgent situations. To remove the fear of unknown thefts or mismanagement, security services like cell phone tracker are much satisfying end user needs.

Define Lead Quality

As the competition is increasing, businesses are no longer just concerned of collecting leads. They are looking forward to a more targeted approach to increase lead quality. USing a voice conversation over phone calls will give you a greater insight to have more information about a lead other than name, email, and company. With regular phone calls you can know what products a potential customer is interested in, what are their objectives, what do they expect from you and if it results in a conversion. These information will help marketers and business owners to better understand the quality of their customers.

No more hidden complexity

Complex problems are simple and quicker to solve over phone calls. It becomes extremely easy for customers to explain their problem in detail and this avoids long email threads. Speaking over the phone is often the best option for issues like scheduling appointments, ask for deliverables etc. and this can save hours of frustration. A single phone call can save hours of frustration and hours or days to resolve otherwise.

Optimize marketing campaigns

The more the information, the better the business. Optimizing marketing campaigns is important part of every business and a marketer needs to gather more about their customers. Voice analytics data to have a deep insight to customers need will bring a true performance of all of your marketing campaigns.

Digital platforms is making it easier for businesses to grow. And your phone number will bring you prospective customers. Verbal conversation are absolutely important for success. SO make smarter decisions that are valuable for your business.